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Lawn Tennis Club – Rosewood’s first social tennis club – 24th September 1900


The Rosewood Racing Club was instituted in 1886

Rifle Club (J. Lane Esq., 28th February 1887)
On 20th December 1886, a meeting was held in the Agricultural Hall to form the Rosewood Rifle Club.

On 12th March 1887 the Newspaper reported: The formation of a rifle club at Rosewood has been approved. Designation: The Rosewood Rifle Club.

Saturday 4th June 1887 – Some ten or twelve members of our newly-formed rifle club tried their hands at driving holes through their new target. The rifle range is in a paddock kindly lent by Mr. J. J. Durack. Most of the crack, experienced shots were absent, those present being mostly raw recruits. The most successful shots were ex-Sergeant Collett and a Walloon gentleman, whose name I was unable to ascertain. These were old hands at the business, and were followed-but a long distance away-by our dominic, Sergeant Minogue, and Constable Twaddle, in the order named: the rear being brought up by the baker and the butcher, the latter being the winner of the “woode spoon.” I understand that some of the “big uns” intend to knock the target all to pieces the first time they visit it. I am sure the recruits will be glad to be shown “how to do it.” 

Rosewood Cricket Club – 1893
Queensland Times, Ipswich Herald and General Advertiser ), Saturday 25 November 1893, page 2
Good old Rosewood ! It is time that your young men developed their capabilities on the cricket field. At a meeting held at Rosewood quite recently, it was decided, I am informed, to form a cricket club, some twenty members having already joined, among whom I believe, there is some excellent talent. They are considering whether they will join the Ipswich and West Moreton Association.

5th October 1937 – The newly-formed Rosewood District Cricket Association opened the season on Saturday, when matches were played at Grandchester and Lanefield. Grandchester secured the first win of the season, defeating Rosewood by four runs on the first innings. The first ball of the season was bowled by Mr. T. H. Howell, of Grandchester, who is a keen cricket enthusiast, and a Vice-President of the association. Mr. Howell was a member of the Grandchester team in the days when the Creedys, Rafters, Jack Quinn, and himself very nearly comprised the Grandchester team. Grandchester was always a hard team to beat in those days, and the players were noted for the keen interest which they took in the game. It is pleasing to note that the same spirit is being shown by the members of the present team, who are practically all young players. C. Stokes, 42 not out, top-scored for the team on Saturday, and S. Collingwood compiled 32 and R. Ross 26, V. Kleinschmidt was their best bowler, securing six for 34. Rosewood players did their part to make the day’s play interesting. Included in the team is a number of last year’s “Colts,” and several of them showed fair form. Norm. Ruhno has joined Rosewood this year after a lengthy absence from the game. Should he strike his old form he will be a decided asset to the team. Vince Mullen had visions of at least a half-century when he had compiled 38, but Kleinschmidt clean bowled him. Jim Bruce and Tim Hannam, two colts, each reached 21. Joe Potts (17) and Wally Grealy (14) were the other double-figure scorers.

The first meeting of the club was held at Mr. A. Lergesner’s home, September 8, 1937, when it was decided to nominate a team for the fixtures. There were only 12 members at that meeting, and at the end of the season the membership had increased to 29. After a few matches had been played. It was found that many members were not getting much cricket and at a meeting held at Mr. J. Smith’s home, it was decided to enter another team in the competition. Both teams played good cricket throughout the season, and although they were well back in the premiership points, they were not disgraced.  “Rosewood Northern Suburbs Cricket Club”

School’s Cricket Association

24 August 1946 – At the annual meeting of the Rosewood Cricket Club, it was decided that the club be reformed for the 1946-47 season. Officers elected were: Patron, Mr. N. Ruhno; President, Mr. W. Johnson; Vlce-President, Messrs. A. Sellars, W. Leeson, M. Daly, M. J. O’Reilly, A. J. Loveday, H. Freeman, J. Duff, E. O’Sullivan. C. Wall, and Miss C. Sloane; Secretary and Treasurer, Mr. J. Lee; Assistant Secretary, Mr. O. Kleinschmidt; delegates to association, Messrs. J. Smith and M. Jensen; committee, the President. Secretary, Messrs. J. Smith, W. Cannan, and T. Hannam. Membership fee was fixed at 5/ and ball fee at 1/ per player per day. Application is to be made to the Rosewood A. and H. Association for the use of the wicket on the showground for the coming season. 

Lawn Tennis Club – 1900
The opening of the new Lawn Tennis Court look place on Saturday 22nd September. An awning had been erected and provided with seats for the accommodation of visitors, of whom there was a large number. Mr. D. T. Keogh, M.L.A., in opening the court, said it gave him great pleasure to be there that afternoon, and he congratulated the members on the up-to-date court they had constructed. He wished the club every prosperity. He desired to thank the secretary for the kind invitation to be present which had been send to him, and which be was only too happy to accept. Tennis was a game in which both sexes could take part, which was an advantage, as where the ladies were the gentlemen would sure to be.

The Rosewood Rifle Club and all similar bodies in Rosewood had made a name for themselves, and he trusted that the Tennis Club would also distinguish itself. He had much, pleasure in now declaring the court open. Mr. Keogh then put the first ball over the netting. The first round in the tournament for the medals was thereupon begun and resulted as follows: J. Quirk and Miss A. Hanlon beat Maher and Miss Hanlon 6 -2; Thomas and Miss Bourke beat Sharpe and Miss Farrell 6-3; J. Walsh and Miss O’Brien beat J. Toffley and Miss Farrell (15 points), 6-5; W. B. Rutherford kindly acted as umpire.

The committee spared no pains to make the function a successful one, and, fortunately, the day was a pleasant one for a gathering. On wire netting in from the court the word “Welcome” was worked large letters in flowers and greenery, and the court was nicely decorated with foliage and flags. Refreshments, ample and dainty, had been provided by the lady members of the club, and were duly sampled by those present. A case of “soft” drink was also kindly donated by Mr. W. Thomas, representative of Mr. W. G. Livermore, of Ipswich. Several toasts were proposed and duly honoured, after which the gathering dispersed. The club now numbers some 20 members, and they should give a good account of themselves in the future. The contests for the medals are to be on Wednesdays and Saturdays until finished.

During the afternoon a photograph was taken of the party. (See main photo above)

Tennis Club – 1901 – Ruhno’s

Cricket Association – 1910

Rosewood Race Club – 30th April 1913
Daily Standard (Brisbane, Qld. : 1912 – 1936), Friday, 2 May 1913, page 7
A meeting for the purpose of forming a race club was held in the School of Arts last night, and was largely attended. Mr. J. P. Walsh was voted to the chair. The following were elected a committee :-Messrs. B. Sloane, H. J. Wendt, J. Bruce, R. Sellars, G. Clydesdale, W. Keane, R. Hennings, J. Evers, J. . Griffiths, W. Stokes, W. Sloane, J. P. Walsh, and R. Bourke. The following officers were elected: Patron, Mr. Jas. O’Shea; president, Mr. Barney Sloane; secretary, Mr. R. S. Bourke; treasurer, Mr. R. Sellars. It was arranged that a deputation should wait on the owners of the old racecourse with regard to the use of the track. The membership fee was fixed at 10s 6d. It was decided to affiliate with the Kedron Park Jockey Club. It was suggested that the first Saturday after the Rosewood Show would be a suitable date for the first meeting.

Rosewood Rugby League Football Club formed – 1919

Rosewood Ramblers Football Club – 1919-1937

Rosewood Pony and Galloway Club – 1920

Rosewood Swimming Club – 1920

Rosewood Lawn Tennis Club – New Court – 16th December 1922
A pleasant function took place on Saturday afternoon last when the Rosewood Lawn Tennis Club was officially opened. Besides the members of the club, a number of visitors were present in honour of the occasion. The president (Mr. W. E. Thomas), in a brief address, expressed the club’s appreciation of Rev. Father McKenna’s action in granting the use of the land for the tennis court and in having the fence erected. He asked the members to co-operate their efforts to reduce the present overdraft. The president then declared the court open and at his request Mrs. J. M. Bruce, patroness of the club, sent the first ball over the net . A very interesting exhibition match took place between Mr. F. Molloy (Ipswich) and Mr. C. Haley (Marburg), the latter winning by 8 to 2. The lady members of the club dispensed afternoon tea.

Rosewood Amateur Athletic Club – 1923

Rosewood Golf Club – 1928;  Golf Links -1929 (9 holes)

Rosewood Amateur Wheelers – 1930

Rosewood Basketball Club – affiliated with West Moreton Association in October 1933  (1947 “Rosewood Robins”)

Senior Soccer Team – 1936

Rosewood Gun Club – 1936

The Rosewood Amateur Boxing Club – 3rd March 1936
The Rosewood Amateur Boxing Club was granted affiliation and given permission to conduct a tournament on March 6th. Prior to this they were under the auspices of the Rosewood Amateur Athletic Club. Their first tournament was in 1935 as outlined below.

Queensland Times Thursday 26 September 1935, page 2
BOXING. Rosewood Tournament. ATHLETIC CLUB’S SUCCESS. ROSEWOOD, September 25. The first tournament conducted under the auspices of the Rosewood Amateur Athletic Club, held in the Majestic Theatre, Rosewood, on Monday night, was a great success, reflecting great credit on the organisers, Messrs. A. Shearer (President), A. V. Wildermuth (Secretary), and J. T. Wyatt (Treasurer). The door takings exceeded £16, and the big crowd included sporting enthusiasts from many other districts. About 25 ladies watched the performance. The bouts were capably handled by that well-known ringman, Mr. Barney Dwyer, while Messrs. Jack Walsh and Fred Evans proved themselves impartial judges. The timekeeper was Mr. E. J. Battle, and Mr. S. Yarrow was announcer. Attendants also were Messrs. A. Shearer (doorkeeper), Joe Potts (usher), T. T. Wyatt (clerk of scales), Jas. Wyatt (glove steward), and M. Yarrow (ticket office).
In the schoolboys’ tournament (four 1 min. rounds) Keith Willson defeated Eddie Dale on points. It was a good, even fight, and Dale put up a good performance in spite of a few pounds less weight.
I. Hingst (9.2) defeated A. Bonney (8.10) (four 2min. rounds). Bonney was aggressive, but lost points by open hand hitting.
K. O’Shea (7.56) won from J. Harvey (8.1). O’Shea put up a good performance considering that he gave away almost a stone.
C. Hogan (9.10) defeated C. Bonney (8.11). After a few exchanges in the first round, Bonney stopped a solid punch under the heart, and the towel came in from the corner.
P. Fleming (9.10) won from O. Kleinschmidt (8.10) (four l½ min. rounds). Fleming looked for a knockout in every round instead of boxing, otherwise the performance was good.
E. Morrison (8.12) defeated E. Gillow (8.91) in four l½ min. rounds. As the judges disagreed, an extra round was fought. After solid going, Morrison won.
L. Evans (10.12) defeated H. Koch (9.12) by a narrow margin. This was an even contest with points even until the last round. Evans’ aggressiveness won him the bout in the final round. It was a good performance by both.
T. Hefferan (10.0) won from D.Wallace (9.2) In four l½ min. rounds. Hefferan’s weight told in the last round.
An exhibition bout was given by T. Williamson (10.12) and W. Manz (11.6).
A challenge boxing contest. J. Wanka v. F. Batzloff, did not take place, the latter failing to attend.
It is the intention of the organisers to stage a similar night in the near future. Some handsome trophies have been promised. Donors of trophies for Monday’s tournament included. Miss C. Sloane, Messrs. T. Baker. J. Anthony. N. Ruhno, S. Yarrow, W. Baker, R. Brainwood, T. J. Higgins, and M. J. O’Reilly.

Rosewood Speedway opened 6th August 1939
The speedway was opened by Cr. C. J. Murphy, Deputy Chairman of Rosewood Shire Council. The circuit was built during the War years on the Boughen’ family’s land and was the first purpose-built road racing circuit in Queensland and possibly Australia. It was a dirt track and was used high speed racing for motor cycles, motor cars and side cars, the last race motor cycle race being held in 1949.

Rosewood Fishing Club – 16th May 1946
At a well attended meeting in the Shire Office, it was unanimously decided to form a Rosewood and District Fishing Club. In addition to about 17 members present, others willing to join will gave the club a membership of 25 to start. Mr. M. Donaldson was appointed President, Cr. I. Ham, Patron, Messrs. C. Stewart jun., and J. Davis Vice-Presidents, Mr. G. Dale jun., Secretary, and Mr. J. Davis Treasurer. The appointment of captain and weighing-in scrutineer would be decided at each trip. The formation of rules was discussed at length. Tentative arrangements were made for a trip early in June to Greenbank after the bream.  A successful season was anticipated.

The Rosewood Fishing Club had its first outing on Saturday night (8th June) when members went to Tweed Heads. Captain for the night was Maurice Donaldson. Thirteen members participated in the competition. The total catch was 250. Les Wiegand, with 40 fish, won the competition for the highest aggregate of fish caught. His brother Ernie won the trophy for the heaviest bream, weighing 1¼lb., just beating Bob Brooks by an ounce. Members returned home on Sunday afternoon.

Rosewood Bowling Club – 15th July 1948
A meeting was held in the School of Arts, convened by Cr Isaac Ham, for the purpose of the formation of a Bowling Club in Rosewood. Present were Isaac Ham, Cr C. Murphy, Messrs W. N. Ruhno, H. Ross, A. Imrie, W. P. Grealy, N. J. Armitage, E,. Weigand, A. Sellars, A. E. Maxwell, G. Houston, G. Mackay, J. Wyatt, Len Boughen, V. Birch, J. R. Reid. Apologies : Messrs S. Trewick, E. O’Sullivan, J. Davis, N. Rackley, A. Loveday.

RSL Sports Club – 5th September 1951
At a meeting of the Roewood R.S.S.A.I.L.A. Sub-branch on Wednesday night called to discuss the formation of a sports club in Robewood it was decided to form such a club. to be called the R.S.L. Sports Club.

Officers elected were: Patron, Dr. Rawle: president. Mr. G. R. Park; secretary, Mr. E. A. Edgeworth: treasurer, Mr. R. H. Kerle; committee. Messrs A. E. Smith, J. Leonard,  E. Wright, A. Stephan and J. Madden. The Secretary was instructed to ask the A. and H. Association for permission to use the show pavilion as a gymnasium. A set of rules was drawn up and accepted. Mr. Allan Bailey. who is nowl residing in Rosewood. was appointed supervisor of the gymnaslum. Mr. Bailey was a Golden Gloves holder in 1948, runner-up in the State titles 1949, and undefeated metropiolitan champion In 1948, 1949. and 1950. He retired in 1950. The President and Secretary said Rosewood was very fortunate to have the services of Mr. Bailey. It was pointed out at the meeting that the R.S.S.A.I.L.A. is not desirous of any financial gain from the operation of the gymnasium, but merely proposed to place it on a footing where it could fulfil its own financial obligations. It wa decided to spend approximately £75 on the purchase of gear for the gymnasium, the money to be refunded to the league from public subscriptions andi donations. Mr. Kerle offered to supply some materials until the committee could obtain its own materials.

R.S.L. Gymnasium in the show ground pavilion – opened 12th February 1952
Mr. Allan Bailey, well known in boxing circles, (winner of the Golden Gloves in 1948) was appointed instructor.

Rosewood Aquatic Centre, Mill St, Rosewood opened in 1966 as ANZAC Pool
The pool has now reached the end of its useful life. The council is considering the planning and construction of a new centre.

Rosewood Hack & Pony Club – 1969