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Cattle on farm near Rosewood, Ipswich, 1945
Photo: Picture Ipswich


From the time human beings began raising livestock and there was a demand for meat, butchers have existed. Butchers are highly skilled in their field. They have to be strong enough to carry animal carcasses, be able to stand patiently for long periods of time in cold conditions while skilfully using knives etc. to prepare many different cuts of meat. They have to attend to vital hygiene practices, have knowledge of storage and cross contamination, make enticing and attractive displays, maintain the quality of their products and operate machinery. Successful butchers are usually pleasant, amiable and social people who recommend and advise their customers about their choices. They understand their customers’ needs and try to meet them the best they can. 

This list of butchers may be incomplete. The dates shown are the approximate times they worked in the district.

James Ryan 18761883
Henry McGeary 1876-1893
Edward Boughen 1886
Walter Bros. 1888
Iszlaub & Hannant 1889
M. O’Sullivan 1892
Mrs. Jane McGeary 1894-1900
James Patrick Simmonds 1895-1906
A. J. O’Sullivan & Pedrazzini 1897
June 1900 – Mr. A. J. O’Sullivan (Butchers) changed hands to Mr. G. H. Dutney, who only held it a few days, when he, in turn, sold to Mr. W. Hodge, of Ipswich, brother of  hotel-keeper, Mr. R. Hodge, of this township.
William James Hodge 1900-1905 (Insolvent debts of £1285)
McGeary & White 1901-1911  Henry George McGeary & William White
Francis Pedrazzini 1903
Robert Elliott 1907-1908
James Simmonds jnr 1909-1913  A fire on the night of 1st November 1913 destroyed J. P. Simmond’s butcher shop and residence.
Francis Arthur Kingston 1911-1924  Mt Walker
H. Harris 1911
Rodger Toohey 1912 Grandchester
McGeary & Grant
1912-1954  Henry George McGeary & Henry Mark Alexander Grant
Gordon Alexander McGeary  Master Butcher (carried on the above business)
William Henry Collett 1906-1917
Joseph Adam Geiger 1916, 1917
Patrick Joseph Meehan 1917 Calvert
Frederick Dyson 1914, 1917 Grandchester
David Gough 1912, 1917  Rosevale
Edward Alexander Logan – 1921  Lived Railway Street, Rosewood.
F. Bignell
O’Shea Bros
1923-1930  (Michael Coleman was slaughterman in 1923) The partnership of William O’Shea and Michael Joseph Carmody was dissolved by mutual consent in October 1930. Carried on by Michael Joseph Carmody.
Thomas Francis O’Shea -1927, 1932  Lived in Matthew Street, Rosewood.
James Patrick O’Shea 1929, 1941
Ernest George Wright 1925,1928, 1929 (O’Shea Bros), 1934, 1941
Michael Joseph Carmody 1926-1959
Michael Henry Baker 1928 Grandchester
James Norman Yarrow 1931, 1932
Colin Freeman  1932, 1941
Charles Wass 1914-1937
Edward Herbert Hohnke -1928, 1934, 1941 John Street, Rosewood
Henry Hall  1928, 1941 Mt Forbes
Leslie Thomas Lawrance  1941 Rosevale
Henry Smith Wilkes  1941  Lived in Albert Street, Rosewood.
Bonney & Son 1934-1938  Herbert Alexander Bonney, Herbert Clive Bonney, Ivan Graham Bonney – Lived in Matthew Street, Rosewood.
C. Morrison & Sons
1937-1942  Charles Morrison and Roy Morrison lived in Matthew Street 1941.
Roy Morrison 1942-1969  (lived in Mill Street)  Business purchased by R. Auld in September 1949. Roy Morrison had a slaughter shed in Mill St. The shop was situated in Railway Street opposite the station. Sold to Alton Walker in 1962.
R. Keith Auld 1949  Railway Street, Rosewood.
Victor Birch 1959, 1969  Lived in Mill Street, Rosewood.
Noel Alexander Plant  1959  Lived in Toowoomba Road, Rosewood.
Roy Clarence Christensen 1959, Rosevale; 1969 Lived in Walloon Rd, Rosewood.
Eric Crawford
1963 (Morrison’s)
Pat Cameron
(Worked at Morrison’s then Walker’s in 1962)
Alton Stewart Walker 
October 19621969  George Schmitt was the slaughter man for Walker’s. Pat Cameron & Bruce Hinton worked in the shop. Irene Dickfoss worked in the office. Some of the children in those days would bring newspapers from home to the butcher shop. Alton weighed them and for every pound in weight of papers he would pay the children a small amount. Butchers in those days wrapped their meat orders in newspaper and tied the parcels up with string. The shop was in Railway Street and Walkers later moved the business to the shop at 38 John Street which is now Rosewood Bakery.
Franklins Butchers 1959-1969  (Stanley Joseph Franklin lived Albert Street, Leonard John Franklin lived Yates Street)
Patrick Joseph O’Reilly 1960  Lived at 58 Albert Street, Rosewood.
Thomas Patrick Cameron 1969  Lived Walloon Road, Rosewood.















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