Rosewood History

Portrait of an unnamed family at Rosewood  ca.1896


The relationship of family was at the heart of our pioneer’s lives. Life revolved around having connections to each other, to family members and to friends. People depended on one another just to survive and so developed very close ties.

Husbands and wives worked together, while the older children helped to care for their younger siblings, resulting in stronger family bonds.

Families and their friendships formed the heart of the community. These relationships were important for social occasions, entertainment, education and for health and well-being.

Life was simpler. The bare necessities were all many folk had, and that was enough for them. There were no mod cons to distract them. Enjoyment came from simple pleasures and they made their own fun.

Occasions where people gathered together to talk and share their experiences, like attending a town meeting, going to church, Christmas celebrations, were looked forward to and always enjoyed. These may have been the only time people stopped work. Everyone knew a little bit about everyone else’s business, just enough to help them recognise that a friend may be in need.

Of course there were frictions, which is normal when people live and interact in small communities, however, it is widely known that small towns behave just like families. They may bicker between themselves but should something threaten to disrupt their unity or harm a member of the group, they quickly close ranks.

Often the pioneer families became interconnected by the marriage of their children and they stayed close to each other by living nearby. Sometimes multiple generations lived under the same roof. Traditions were passed down.

It was common practice for neighbours and friends to assemble to farewell families who’d had long associations with the district and whose names would always be linked with the district. Those departing carried with them their memories and the absolute goodwill of their friends who would always welcome them back.

On the whole these men, women and children were accepting of their circumstances and content with their lot. We could learn a lot from our pioneer families.

Names of families who have lived in the Rosewood district

Acutt, Adams, Ahearn, Akes, Allen, Andonora, Angel, Anthony, Arndt, Armitage, Armstrong, Ashton, Aspinall, Atkinson, Austin

Baills, Bales, Bade, Baills, Ballin, Bambury, Barram, Bassett, Batzloff, Bassett, Battaglene, Battle, Baxter, Beavis, Beckwith, Bell, Bennett, Bensley, Berlin, Bergmann, Berrell, Birch, Blackmore, Blake, Blanch, Bloxidge, Bodman, Boland, Boughen, Bourke, Bowles, Boyd, Brennan, Brimblecombe, Britten, Brockhurst, Brooks, Brown, Bruce, Bulow, Bundrock, Bunney, Bulcock, Burchmann, Burgess, Burns, Butt, Buys, Bygrave

Campbell, Cameron, Cannan, Capern, Carmody, Cassimatis, Castrisos, Chalk, Chisholm, Churchett, Christensen, Clark, Claydon, Clements, Cochrane, Cole, Coleman, Collett, Collier, Collingwood, Collins, Comino, Connolly, Cooper, Corbett, Coulson, Court, Courtney, Coveney, Coyne, Crane, Craven, Crawford, Creedy, Crombie, Crump, Cuthbert

Dale, Dallinger, Dart, Davis, Deacon, Deas, Delagust, Denning, Desjardins, De Stokar, De Vries, Di Certo, Dickens, Dickfos, Dolling, Donoghue, Domrow, Dow, Dowdle, Downing, Draper, Drysdale, Duggan, Dutney, Dwyer

Easton, Eden, Elder, Edgeworth, Edwards, Egan, Eichstadt, Eitel, Elliott, Elmer, Else, Embrey, Erbacher, Evans, Evers

Farley, Farrell, Fechner, Federer, Feldhahn, Field, Finch, Finn, Flanagan, Foote, Forrester, Forster, Forsyth, Foyle, Franklin, Fraser, Frawley, Freeman, Freese, Fritz

Gabardo, Gardner, George, Gehrke, Gibson, Goebel, Goddard, Goos, Grant, Gray, Grealy, Gregory, Greet, Grimsey, Grulke, Green, Greet, Gunthorpe

Haines, Haley, Hansen, Harcla, Hardie, Harding, Harm, Hartwig, Hawkins, Hayes, Headrick, Heenan, Heiner, Heit, Henderson, Hepworth, Herse, Hesse, Heuston, Hill, Hines, Hinrichsen, Hinton, Hobart, Hobbs, Hobden, Hodge, Hodgson, Hogan, Hohnke, Holonan, Holm, Holznagel, Holzy, Hopkins, Hopper, Horne, Houston, Howe, Hudson, Hughes, Humphrey, Hyde

Imrie, Iszlaub

Jacobs, Jackwitz, Jakimowicz, Jarvis, Jessen, Johansen, Johns, Johnson, Johnston, Jonas, Jones, Jordan, Joynson

Kanofski, Kapernick, Kavanagh, Keats, Keane, Kearsley, Kelly, Keogh, Kendrix, Kerle, Kerslake, Kildentoft, King, Kington, Kinnane, Klauke, Kleinschmidt, Kleve, Klewe, Knack, Knopke, Koch, Konieczny, Kopelke, Koroleff, Krause, Kraatz, Krebs, Kruger, Kuss

Lacey, Lack, Lamb, Lane, Langan, Langdon, Lawrence, Lawrey, Lee, Leonard, Lergesner, Lenihan, Lenz, Leslie, Lewis, List, Littlejohn, Litzow, Loney, Long, Lotz, Lound, Love, Loveday, Lovell, Lucas, Luetchford, Ludlow, Lund

Madden, Macaulan, Macdonald, Mackay, Maher, Mahoney, Mandlekow, Manttan, Manz, Mark, Maroske, Mason, Mathew, Maxwell, McBean, McCorley, McKee, McKew, McKey, McLaren, McGeary, McGee, McGuire, McGuirk, McGukin, McIntosh, McKey, McLean, McLellan, McKenzie, Meek, Meier, Mellors, Meisner, Mengel, Merritt, Meyer, Millard, Michajlyszyn, Miers, Miller, Mitchell, Mogensen, Moore, Moran, Morgan, Morrison, Morton, Mullan, Muller, Mundt, Munro, Murphy, Must

Nation, Naylor, Neave, Neibling, Neilson, Nelson, Neuendorf, Neumann, Nichol, Nicolson, Nicoll, Niebling, Niethe, Nissen, Nolan, Noonan, Noud, Nuffer, Nugent

Oberle, Olgilvie, O’Brien, O’Donohue, O’Donnell, O’Neill, O’Reilly, O’Rourke, O’Shea, O’Sullivan

Paidley, Palmer, Park, Parker, Paroz, Pearn, Pedrazzini, Pender, Perrem, Perrett, Perrin, Pfrunder, Plant, Pocock, Ponting, Potts, Prebble, Prescott, Price, Profke, Purnell

Quinlan, Quinlivan, Quinn, Quirk

Raatz, Rackley, Radcliffe, Rafter, Ramsay, Rawle, Rea, Reddan, Regan, Reid, Reinecker, Reinhardt, Reinke, Reynolds, Rice, Richards, Richardson, Ridsdale, Rieck, Riley, Roache, Roberts, Robinson, Rodgers, Rohl, Ross, Rossow, Rowlingson, Ruhno, Ruthenberg, Ryan

Sailer, Savage, Sbeghen, Schealler, Schefe, Scheifelbein, Schimming, Schneider, Schoenfisch, Schonknecht, Schmidt, Schrieweis, Schulze, Schumacher, Schureck, Scott, Self, Seeney, Sellars, Semph, Shearer, Sherlock, Shewan, Shirley, Sinnamon, Simmomds, Simpson, Skinner, Slack, Sleaford, Sloane, Smallbone, Smith, Snow, Spann, Spresser, Stanton, Steedman, Steiler, Steinhardt, Stephan, Stephens, Stewart, Stieler, Stitz, Strybos, Stumcke, Stokes, Stubbs, Sugden, Sutherland, Swift, Symonds

Tappenden, Taudevin, Taylor, Teves, Theaker, Thomas, Thompson, Thouard, Tierney, Tomlinson, Topp, Tracy, Trede,Trewick, Tribbick, Turnbull, Turnor, Twidale

Uprichard, Urry

Vance, Vecellio, Verrall, Videroni, Vincent, Voigt

Wagner, Waight, Walker, Wallace, Walsh, Wanka, Ward, Warlow, Wass, Waters, Wegener, Weismann, Weller, Wendt, Wetzig, White, Whitehead, Wiegand, Wilks, Williams, Wilson, Winchester, Wohlgemuth, Wood, Woodrow, Wright, Wrigley, Wyatt, Wyatte

Yarrow, Yates, Yoeman, Young

Zahl, Zahnow, Zandlgiacomo, Zarnke, Zerner, Zillman, Zornig