Rosewood History ©

Interior of a general store in Rosewood ca.1950


The defintion of “business” is the activity of buying and selling goods and services and work that you do to earn money.

Th definition of “initiative” is the ability to assess and initiate things independently.

The early settlers brought knowledge, skills and initiative with them to their new country. When faced with a blank slate, the responsibility for making a success or failure rested on their shoulders. 

Traditionally the population formed two main groups, men and women of the land and town people. Both groups had a shared view of the necessity to overcome any obstacles which stood in the way of their livelihood, such as the money needed to pay for food, a place to live, clothing, etc.

Some saw a need in the community and believed they had the solution to meet that need. Many had hopes of achieving some personal wealth from their efforts. These people we refer to as business men and women. They took the lead in projects for their own betterment, as well as the betterment of the district as a whole. Not much has really changed today in that regard.

Early residents had to make arrangements for their own transport and make their own roads. Some drove their own bullock drays and there are many stories about wealthy farmers who began as bullock drivers. Farmers needed to be hands-on at all times in their dawn till dark, physically demanding and skilful work. Shopkeepers passed through very difficult times until their businesses were thoroughly established and they had gained the trust and custom of farmers and residents of the town. Many faced insolvency and some stood their ground over and over again until they became successful.

We owe a debt of gratitude to those determined, persevering and enterprising people.


AGENT Insurance – J. L. Frederich, R. Hodge, H. Prebble, Butt Bros, D. Pfrunder, Collett Bros

Commission – William Bergman, Henry Wallace Collett, Percy H. Adams, Robert S. Hodge, W. J. Young, Wm Ruhno, J. Farrell jnr., John Pender, William Wesley, John Maher, Asher Wilfred Millard, John Muller

ARTIST – Emil Julius Moller

AUCTIONEER – W. S. Blackmore, John Pender, Willliam Ruhno, Bulcock & Whitworth

APIARIST – William Perrem, Walter Bunney

BAKER – John Herman, Charles Rumpf, Philip Angel, J. Oliver, E. H. Mann, W. Smallbone, C.T. Bragg, W. H. Collett, Ben Meissner, Nehemiah New, Robert Sellars, H. Rose, Henry Dow, C. J. Spreadborough, R. Grant, James Edward Amos Evers, G. A. Hartley, J. L. Davey, G. Demaine, W. Feltham.

BANK – Queensland Govt Savings Bank, Royal Bank of Queensland

BARBER – Samuel Richard Gilpin

BILLIARDS – Arthur Charles Johnson, John Street

BLACKSMITH/WHEELWRIGHT – D. Elder, P. H. Adams, J. Elder, J. L. Roache, Ernest Smith, Henry Elliott, Max Fung, Charles Ridsdale (Wheelwright), Charles Powers Ward,  Alfred Chalk (Wheelwright)

BOARDING HOUSE KEEPER – Elizabeth Ann Lane, Bartholmew Coveney, James Simmonds, William Dolling (Argyle House), Mrs Gillen, Mrs F. J. Dutney, Mrs Smith, Mrs A. Blake

BOOTMAKER – J. S. Aspinall, M. Bourke, Fredrick Schilling, C. Rowbotham, Harold Fraser, H. Dowrick, Hans Hoffmans, Ernest Fraser 

BUILDER/CONTRACTOR – R. Hodge, C. Ridsdale, John Thompson, R. J. Murphy, J. G. Hobbs, J. Hoffman, Lawson & Waldron

BULLOCK DRIVER – Robert Elliott jnr., James Yarrow, Charles Alfred Smith

BUTCHER – H. McGeary, Edward Boughen, Walter Bros, M. O’Sullivan, Mrs J. McGeary, James Patrick Simmonds, J. O’Sullivan, Francis Pedrazzini, W. J. Hodge, William White, H. G. McGeary, Robert Elliott, James Simmonds jnr, H. Harris, F. A. Kingston (Mt Walker), A. M. Grant, F. Bignell, O’Shea Bros, Charles Wass, Adam Geiger, William Henry Collett, Frederick Dyson (Grandchester)

CABINET MAKER – William Postill, George H. Jobson, F. W. Gower; John Thomas Merritt, Harry Thurlborn Rutter

CARPENTER – T. Rodgers, E. Bond, Gustav Zornig, Charles Ridsdale, John Thompson, John Bowles jnr., Andrew James Embrey, Albert Ernest Kucks, John George McCarthy, William Otto Jesse Messenger, Thomas Miller, McIntyre Rea, Anthony Auld Rea, Gustav Zornig

CARTER – Thomas Farrell, Richard Webster Blackmore, David Elder, Joseph Edward Griffiths (Cream Carter), Reginald Henning

COLLIERY – Bidworth Colliery Co Ltd., Glencoe Halls Ltd., Excelsior Colliery

CORDIAL FACTORY – George Livermore – H. F. Eggert (Manager), Walter Edwin Thomas 

CREAMERY – Lanefield Dairy Co., Ben Meissner, Edward Collins, Rosewood Co-op Dairy Co., Mt Walker Co-op Dairy Co., Rosewood Farmers’ Butter Factory, Pommer Bros.

DAIRY COMPANY – Rosewood Co-op Dairy Co., Lanefield Farmers’ Co-operative Dairy Co.

DEALER – Michael Bourke (Cattle), Bartholomew Coveney, John O’Donohue (Grandchester)

DENTIST – M. Campbell (Visiting)

DEPARTMENT STORE – J. L. Frederich, W. Ruhno, E.A. Maher

DRAPERY – Emmott, H. Prebble, J. L. Frederich, T. B. Tronson, John Bruce

DRESSMAKER/MILLINER– Mrs Sloane, Mrs W. H. Wright, Mrs J. Collett, Miss G. Prebble, Miss Ada Prebble, Miss Annie O’Brien, Anna Hohnke, Bridget Madden, Misses Ryan and Nilans, Miss E. McCarroll, Mrs G. H. Hobson, Mrs J. S. Waters, Miss M. Elliott, Misses Mary Ann Farrell and Marion Bourke (Milliner), Miss Ita Kington, Violet May Grant (Milliner)


FRUITERER – Mary Farrell, Isabella Collett, John Oliver, Robert Sellars, Mrs W. E. Collett, J. Farrell, B. Coveney, William J. Bennett,  Mrs M. H. McLaren, Alex Fites, Charles Hohnke

GENERAL STORE John William Vance, P. Angel, C. F. Arndt, D. Pfrunder, Johann L Frederich, Robert Sellars, T. B. Tronson, William Ruhno, Butt Bros, H. Prebble & Co, Ruhno & Maher, E. A. Maher, Bulcock Bros, William Young, M. O’Reilly, Young & Dutney; Johann L. P. Hahm, Michael Joseph O’Reilly

GROCERS/PRODUCE – H. Prebble & Co, D. Pfrunder, J. L. Frederich, C. F. Arndt, Butt Bros, A. M. Duncan, R. Hodge, T. B. Tronson, Roberts Sellars; Johann Paul Hahn, William Dolling

HAIRDRESSER – Samuel Richard Gilpin

HOTEL – Rising Sun Hotel, Rosewood Hotel, Royal Hotel, Commercial Hotel.

HOUSEKEEPER – Jane Louisa Cash (Wycombe Lodge, Lanefield)

MARKET GARDNER – William Mathew, Oscar Bensley

MUSIC TEACHER – Francis Makin, Elsie Ruhno

NEWSAGENT – Mrs Margaret H. McLaren

NEWSPAPER – Rosewood Register & Marburg Mail

PAINTER – Ernest Knight

PIG BUYER – John Webb


PLUMBER – Henry Elliott, Demis Akes, C. Ridsdale, J. Timm, Richard Begbie Wilkie

POULTRY FARM – John Heiner

SADDLER – J. Quinn, L. R. Harcla, G, Weingartner, ? Spencer, H. Zornig, Samuel Phleps, A. Baumann, A. C. Johnson, E. Hemsworth, D. Crane, Charles Williams, T. Dickson, William Schoenfeldt, E. K. Zornig, William E. Collett, C. Moore

SAWMILL – Collett Bros., Wohlgemuth & Spann, E. Woodford, E. A. Maher, H. Woodford, Boyle & Atkinson

SOLICITOR – E. J. Pender, Pender & Pender, J. Hargreaves (visiting), Cardew & Simpson (visiting)

STATIONER/FANCY GOODS – W. E. Collett, Mrs Margaret H. McLaren, W. J. Bennett

TAILOR – T. Thomas, H. Wood, Sydney Murray, Thomas Tierney, R. C. Muller, C. McNaught, J. M. Bruce, F. Dargatz, Frederick William Mengel, Ellen Miller, Ernest John Tribbick

TEAMSTER – Frederick Absalom Loney, George Loney, Edward Ernest Baills (Mt Walker), Arthur Freeman (Tallegalla)

TOBACCONIST – Samuel Richard Gilpin, W. J. Bennett, C. Hohnke

UNDERTAKER – D. Boetcher

WATCH MAKER – Herman Schipper