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Rosewood Hibernian-Australasian Catholic Benefit Society ca. 1925

Front row: Unidentified; W. Potts; Walter Collingwood; John Potts; Unidentified; W. Sloane; Pat Hogan; Bernie Farrell
Second row: W. Keane; Unidentified; Jack O’Shea; Jack Hogan; Fr. McKenna; Unidentified; M. Burke; James O’Shea
Third row: Unidentified; E. O’Sullivan; J. O’Reilly; J. A. Hagerman; J. Keane; Unidentified; Alex. Potts; Gerald Nolan; Unidentified; Unidentified; Unidentified
Back row: Unidentified; Paddy Madden; Pat Ahearn; Billy Bennett; Unidentified; Unidentified; Jim Hogan; Unidentified; Barney Sloane; Unidentified.


Rosewood Farmers’ Club – 1877
The Rosewood Show – An exhibition of sorts was held in July 1877 in the old school house at Rosewood Gate. Dan Desbois, the first school master, was the Secretary of the committee. No animals were shown. It was described as being like a “Paddy’s Market” with farmer’s displaying their produce.

Soon after (23rd July) John William Vance convened a meeting in his home and the Rosewood Farmers’ Club was formed. On 20th August a committee of nine was elected to manage the affairs of the society:- John Mitchell (president), Lawrence Smallbone (treasurer), Dan Desbois (Secretary), John William Vance, Joseph Hudson, William Perrem, Mark Bensley, and Nicholas Wiegand. Dan Desbois was later replaced by Francis William Johns, the newly appointed head teacher, as Secretary.

Other who joined the society were Patrick O’Donnell, Charles Urry, Charles Cowell, William Mathew, Henry McGeary, Christoph Eitel, James Dale, Joseph Hudson, Robert Boughen, James Moran, Charles Dutney, Henry Hannant, Richard Mason, John Farrell, Richard Scanlan, James Ponting, Wilhelm Arndt, Samuel Waight, William Blackmore, Henry Ludlow, Walter Loveday, James Pickles, Thomas Alfred Butt, John Dart,  Domineco Pedrazinni, John Lane, T. E. Coulson, Henry Jacobs, William Scanlan, John Moore, George Coulson, John Dove, Conrad Izlaub, William Austin and Walter Bunney. 

These men carefully planned the schedule. The first show under the auspices of the Farmers’ Club was held on 2nd August 1878 in the school room at Rosewood Gate.

The next year the Show was held at the town’s first showgrounds on land which is now part of St Brigid’s. In 1908 the town secured a new piece of land for the show grounds, and through a series of working bees, some necessary buildings were erected. The first show was held there in 1909.

The Jubilee Show was held in July 1927. During the first 50 years only two shows had been cancelled; one on account of influenza and the other because of bad weather.

In 1952 a “gate” record was set with the largest crowds on record flocking to the 69th Show. The gate takings of £403 exceeded the previous year by £15.


L.O.L. Success of Rosewood No 22 -1883 (P.A.F.S.O.A.)
22nd March – A benefit lodge in connection with the Protestant Alliance Friendly Society of Australasia was opened at the Rosewood Gate, and named “Success of the Rosewood, No. 2.”” The ceremony was performed in the Congregational Church at the Gate by Bro. G. H. Shillito. District Master, who, accompanied by Bros. R. Hoare, H. Spencer, C. Hooper, J. G. Burke, J. Berry, A. Berry, and H. Wiuff, drove up from Ipswich for the purpose. Fourteen members were initiited and several more are expected to join on the next lodge night. The following officers were installed:–Bro. W. Smallbone, W.M.; Bro. W. Freeman, D.M.; Bro. J. W. Evans, secretary; Bro. W. Matthew, treasurer; Bro. Albert J. Vance, chaplain; Bro. W. Beavis, jun., S.E.; Bro. H. Smallbone, J.E.; Bro. Boughen, I.G.; Bro. W . Bassett, 0.G.; Bros. C. Yarrow, J. Ponting, and R. Embrey, trustees. The initiation fees amounted to a trifle over £13. After the more serious business had been performed, the brethren and several friends sat down to a very pleasant luncheon which had been provided by some of the ladies residing close to the place a of meeting and the hearty thanks of the company were accorded to them.

1890 – Alfred Gower was the Secretary of the Protestant Alliance Friendly Society of Australasia, Rosewood branch.

Loyal Orange Institution Queensland – John Wycliffe – 1891

Town Band – 1896

Protestant Alliance Friendly Society, No 22 – 1897

Masonic Lodge Rosewood 878 S. C. – 1898

Rosewood Amateur Minstrel and Dramatic Company – October 1901
The members of the troupe were Messrs. Hahm, Venthem, Ponting, and Schilling (tambos), J. D. Eichstadt and  C. M. Pickering (bones), F. Walduck, and J. O’Donnell. Mr. F. O’Donnell made an excellent interlocutor, his enunciations being very distinct. Mr. E. A. Maher was stage manager, and Mr. Tuffley conductor.

U.A.O.D – (United Ancient Order of Druids )1903

H.A.C.B. (Hibernian-Australasian Catholic Benefit Society) –  Rosewood branch –  1903
The branch flourished in the early days and assisted many members in times of sickness or accident. Members 1903 : B. Madden, W. Rafter, A. Lake, D. J. O’Brien, M O’Neil, H. Creedy, M. Connors, J. Reddan, D. J. Gough, J. Keating, W. Hogan, M. Baker, H. Wright, W. Keane, N. O’Neill. J. B. Farrell, P. Rafter, A. B. Luck, W. Howe, H. Rafter, R. Merlehan, W. Sloane, J. R. Keane, J. O’Shea, H. Collingwood, M. Rea, J. Roache, J. Brown, W. Collingwood.

Rosewood Miners’ Association – 1908
9th March – The meeting of the Rosewood Miners’ Association was held in Sloane’s Hotel. Mr. Ernest Coleman presided. The secretary was instructed to write to the district secretary for books for the proper working of the branch. The following were appointed to the committee:- Messrs. P. Dalton, J. Jones, H. Berlin, T. Kiddie. It was decided that the union contributions should be collected on Saturdays.

Workers’ Political Organisation – 1909

School of Arts – 1909

Rosewood Agricultural and Horticultural Association – 1911
The Rosewood Farmers’ Club was accepted as a Friendly Society in 1906, then registered its change of name to the “Rosewood Agricultural and Horticultural Association” on 10th August 1911. Its objectives were listed as: 

(a) To encourage farming in all forms, art science, and manufactures as far as the district is concerned; to advertise and develop the resources of the district, and to hold shows and exhibitions.
(b) To provide rational recreation, promote social intercourse, and the mental and mutual improvement of the members generally.
(c) To promote the general advancement of the town of Rosewood and district. 

M.U.I.O.O.F. – Loyal Pride of Rosewood – 1915 – Independent Order of Oddfellows Manchester Unity
The aim was to provide and help to members and communities when they need it. The friendly societies were non-profit mutual organisations owned by their members. All income was passed back to the  members in the form of services and benefits.  Secretary – William Dolling.

Read about the meeting here.

Rosewood Musical Union – Formed Tuesday, 22 June 1916

Returned Sailors’ and Soldiers’ Imperial League of Australia (R.S.S.A.I.L.A.) – 1920
A sub-branch of the Returned Sailors’ and Soldiers’ Imperial League was formed in Rosewood on the night of 30 January 1920 at a meeting of returned soldiers in the Shire Hall. In 1965, the RSSAILA’s name was changed to the Returned Services League of Australia (RSLA). In 1990, the name was changed to the Returned & Services League of Australia (RSL).

Rosewood Boy Scouts – 27th October 1921
The first steps towards establishing a Scouts’ troop in the Rosewood district were taken when a local committee was appointed at a meeting in the Farmers’ Hall on Thursday night 27th October 1921. The committee members appointed were Mr. B. G. Wilson (president), Rev. T. Edwards (secretary), and J. R. Mark (treasurer). Then a meeting of about 50 residents was held on Saturday 29th October 1921. Mr. W. Cooper, M.L.A., occupied the chair. Messrs J. B. Henderson, O.B.E. (chairman of the central executive) J. R. Alexander (assistant commissioner),  J.W. Owen (general secretary) and Scoutmaster Hutchinson gave those present all of the information necessary for the formation of a new troop. They said that the enthusiasm shown at the meeting augured well for the movement in the district.

C.W.A. (Country Women’s Association) formed the Rosewood Branch – 1924
The C.W. A. Annual Flower and Baby Show – The first Show was held on 5th September 1925 in the Farmers’ Hall. Vegetables, cookery and preserves were displayed and they held “Lucky Dips”. In 1930 fancy work, dresses made from sugar bags and cookery items were also exhibited.  

Rosewood Pastimes Club – 1924
One hundred years ago, on 24th October 1924, the “Rosewood Pastimes Club” was formed at a meeting held in the Rosewood School of Arts. Herb Dutney (Farmer) was elected as President and Shire Clerk, Lindsay Deacon as Secretary & Treasurer. The sub committee was Reginald James Walsh (Solicitor), Walter Edwin Thomas (Cordial Factory Proprietor), Constable Arthur Bruce Clark, Rev. Nelson Howard Finch, Thomas John Regan (Acting Sergeant of Police), John  Richard Allen (Station Master,) David Morgan (Bank Manager), Leo McCarthy Ryan (Bank Official), Edward James Connolly (Labourer) and Patrick James Sloane (Clerk). It was formed for recreational and adult educational purposes.

Rosewood Citizens Band – 1927 

Rosewood Poultry and Kennel Club – 1928

Rosewood Orchestra – 1932

Rosewood Choral Society – 1935

Red Cross Society – 1936 and Junior Red Cross at the school.

St Luke’s Branch of the Girl’s Friendly Society – 1937

Australian Comforts Fund Committee – 1939

Junior Farmers’ Club – 1947

Rosewood Chamber of Commerce – 1948

Girl Guide Group – 1951
In order to stimulate interest in the Girl Guide movement, the Divisional Commissioner for Guiding Mrs. C. A. Foggon visited Rosewood on 17th November 1951 to address a meeting which had been called by the Chairman of the Moreton Shire Council (Cr. A. W. Johnston). The Guide movement was supported by churches, schools, scouts, and other worthy organisations which realised the worth of Guiding – the outdoor life, the practical training, plus a Christian ideal for women of tomorrow. Mrs. Foggon said the Guide movement, which included Brownie packs and Ranger companies, had much to give a community in that it helped to mould sound citizens.

 On 28th February 1951, in the C.W.A. Rest Room, Mrs. A. W. Johnston presided over a meeting of Rosewood ladies interested in forming a ladies’ association to help raise funds to purchase equipment necessary to start the Girl Guide and Brownie movement in Rosewood. It was decided to hold a street stall in March in aid of the project. Officers of the association were: Mesdames A. Littlejohn (president), J. Harding (secretary), and Ron Wass (treasurer). Misses Coralie Harding and Evie Sutherland who were in training, hoped that after they passed their first exam, they could open their troops in Rosewood. Mrs. Evers said donations for the street stall could be left with her.

A meeting of the first Rosewood Girl Guide Group Committee was held on 17th March at the State School. Mrs. A. Littlejohn presided. The Treasurer (Mrs. R. Wass) reported on a very successful street stall. Mesdames R. Wass and A. Littlejohn were authorised to operate a banking account. Miss Coralie Harding, captain of the newly formed Guides, outlined the duties of the committee. The committee arranged another street stall. The meeting decided to meet every fortnight until the opening difficulties were overcome.

Rosewood No 1 Mutual Benefit Building Society – 1953.

Rural Youth Association – 1965 

Rosewood Lion’ Club – 1975

Charter President was Sel Heit, who was also the publican of the Royal George Hotel.

Rosewood Aged People’s Home – 1987             The Cabanda Story – by Joyce Reick

Rosewood Historic Railway was opened to the public – 1988

Rosewood Community Centre – 2001