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The new St Brigid’s Catholic Church, Rosewood, February 1910 – S. A. Best Pty Ltd., Photographer


Congregational Church (1875) Uniting Church (1977)

21 John St, Rosewood
At the end of 1874 a meeting of the faithful was held at the home of Samuel Waight and after a few months it was agreed to establish a church in Rosewood. The church was opened on 24th May 1875 in John Street on an acre of land donated by William Mathew at a cost of £125. The distinctive bell tower we see today was added in 1925, donated by Mrs Elizabeth Evers in memory of her husband.

A new church was erected on the site in 1953 and opened in 1954. The original buildings were sold for removal and became the Masonic Hall in William Street. The church hall was built in 1963. In 1977 the church become part of the Uniting Church in Australia.

Rev D. Mossop 1875; Rev. J. Walker; Rev. James Davies; Rev. T. Roper; Rev. W. Brown; Rev. H. Gibson; Rev. Christian Berndt 1888-1892; Rev. H. Rawlings 1893-1898; Rev. R. Figis 1899-1903; Rev. Albert Edward West 1903-1908; Rev. Arthur Castlemaine 1909; Rev. A. McKinlay; Rev. C. A. Capern; Rev. N. Finch; Rev. J. W. Harper; Rev. H. J. Taudevin; Rev. N. C. Watt 1937

Wesleyan (Methodist) Church Tallegalla (1880)

363 Rosewood Marburg Road, Tallegalla
A new Wesleyan chapel was opened by the Rev. Robson, the circuit minister, on the 17th May 1880 at Tallegalla. The church cost £50 and was opened free of debt because of the efforts of the residents of the district. In 1908 it was replaced by a new building constructed by Charles Ridsdale. The new Tallegalla Methodist Church was opened on the 3rd May by Rev. A. G. Smith. A church hall was added and dedicated by Rev. F. J. Harris on 10th September 1948. The hall was used as the Sunday School and as a meeting place for recreational activities.

The hall was rotated 90 degrees and converted to the shop-front in the late 1980s by Dennis Herrick. Dennis and his young family lived there into the 1990’s before moving away from the district. It is now being used by the Rosewood Men’s Shed.

Primitive Methodist Church (1882)

The first church was built in April, 1882 on half an acre of land facing John Street. It was donated by John William Vance. (cnr Church Lane & John Street) In 1893 the building, which the Anglicans had been using, was purchased by the Church of England.

St Brigid’s Catholic Church (1885 rebuilt 1910)

81 Matthew St, Rosewood
Rosewood settlers attended Mass at Ipswich, sometimes making the journey on foot. The first Mass in Rosewood, conducted by by Rev. Pere Brunn, was held in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Moran in 1872 . Rev. Father Horan celebrated Mass at the home of Mr. James Ryan of the Rising Sun Hotel around 1874. This venue continued to be used throughout the years as it passed into the Sloane family’s hands in 1881 and on until the opening of the first church in 1885.  The church was opened by Archbishop Dunne. The church was built by R. J. Murphy and was constructed of hardwood with a shingled roof, and dedicated as “St. Brigid’s”. It is situated in Railway Street.

In 1910 the present church, “the finest wooden church in the diocese”, was opened by His Grace Archbishop Duhig. It was built from the fine timbers found in the Scrub. The old church was used as a parish hall for some time and in 1916 a presbytery was built. The Sisters of Mercy came to the parish in 1922 and the presbytery was converted into a convent.

This magnificent church is said to be the largest wooden church in Australia, and arguably, the most beautiful. The church houses a rare ecclesiastical mural painted by William Bustard.

Rev. Father Timothy Kelleher 1915-1920; Father McKenna 1920 -1927; Rev P. J. O’Rourke 1927 – 1947; Father M. J. O’Connell.

St Brigid’s Church was listed on the Queensland Heritage Register on 21st October 1992. Although the church building had been slowly leaning for many years, it was deemed unsafe in 2020. A project to straighten and restore the church is underway.                    More information on Wikipedia

Church of Christ (1885)

34 Albert Street, Rosewood
In 1883, a Church of Christ was formed in the home of Mr and Mrs Colvin. In January, 1883 the first organised Church service was held in the home of Mr and Mrs T. F. Stubbin, about three miles from Rosewood. In 1884, services were held in the Farmer’s Hall then in February, 1885 they erected a church building on the corner of Matthew Street and Walloon Road. It was moved the same year to Albert Street. In 1922 the old building was sold and a new chapel was erected. On Saturday 27 January 1923, the new Church of Christ chapel was officially opened at 34 Albert Street.

The final service was held in the church on Sunday, 27th May 2001.

Bro. Troy. 1883; Edward Bagley 1885; A. Mordaunt; James Park; Evangelist H. Bassard 1922-1926; W. J. Campbell 1926; Rev C. E. Saull 1937.

Queensland Times, Thursday 16 November 1922, page 7
Church of Christ In Rosewood, a new and larger church is shortly to be erected. The work of removing the present building to Mr. W. Domrow’s allotment, a block lower down, was commenced on Monday by voluntary workers. Meetings will be carried on in the present building until the new church is erected. The new building will be erected on the same site as the old one. The present building, was removed bodily to Mr. Domrow’s allotment today by a team of horses. The process attracted considerable attention.

Queensland Times , Wednesday 31 January 1923, page 10
Opening of Church of Christ Chapel.- Saturday last was an important day in the history of the Church of Christ at Rosewood, when the official opening of the new chapel in Albert Street took place. The old building was recently removed bodily to Mr. W. Domrow’s allotment, to be converted into a dwelling. The fine large structure, which now stands on the same site as the old chapel, testifies to the progress of the church of Rosewood, and the zeal of its members. The building stands on high blocks, and the furnishing throughout and lighting system were carried out on up-to-date lines. The church, in the erection of which members of the church gave voluntary labour, is an added adornment to the town. 

The opening service took place in the church on Saturday afternoon, when a good number was present. The proceedings were opened by the singing of the hymn, “All Hail the Power,” and prayer led by Bro. F. Primus (president West Moreton Churches of Christ). Evangelist Bassard expressed pleasure at having representatives of the church present from Toowoomba and Brisbane. On behalf of the Church of Christ he extended a loving and hearty welcome to all present at the meeting. Bro. Vanham of Toowoomba, congratulated the Rosewood members on their magnificent achievement in the erection of their new building, which showed the progress of the church, and that it possessed the right type of members, who were zealous in its interests. Bro. Primus delivered a reading, and the hymn “Oh God Our Help” was sung. Bro. Primus expressed pleasure at being present at the opening of the chapel, which was erected for the honour and glory of God. He had been a member of the church for the past 33 years, and in the course of his address referred to the hard struggle experienced in the past. He made reference to the splendid Christian work done in the district by their former pastor, Evangelist Rodger. He congratulated Evangelist Bassard, the Brothers and Sisters, on their noble effort. 

The secretary (Bro. W. Domrow) then submitted the balance sheet, showing the financial position to be very satisfactory. Greetings were received from Stanthorpe and from Bro. Arnold (Boonah). Rev. C. A. Capern extended cordial greetings from the Congregational Church, and congratulated the members of the Church of Christ on their splendid building, which showed the great strides they have made. Bro. Adermann, Brisbane, of the Home Mission, extended congratulations on the fine building for the work of God, and referred to the energy of their Evangelist. Their church, erected in a newer and bigger form, testified to the fact that spirit and enthusiasm still existed in the universe, as evidenced in this locality. Bro. C. Fisher (Russell Island), an old pioneer of the church, related reminiscences of his association with the work in this district in the past, and expressed pleasure at being there that day. Evangelist Bassard referred to the voluntary work given by the members in the erection of the building, which had considerably broken down the expenses. He thanked those who had given such valuable assistance, particularly Bro. W. Dowrow, who showed great enthusiasm in the work. He asked them not to let their enthusiasm die, but to go ahead, with the motto “Souls for Christ.” 

The afternoon’s proceedings closed with the Doxology. At 6 p.m. a large number sat down to tea, which was served on tables arranged under the church building. The catering was capably attended to by the ladies. At night the celebration was carried out on an extensive scale.

Early in the evening visitors from the surrounding districts, including Mount Walker., Rosevale, and Marburg continued to arrive in large numbers by motor lorry, cars, and other vehicles, and visitors from Brisbane, Ipswich, and Boonah were also present. Before the commencement of the meeting, every available seat in the building was occupied. Evangelist Bassard presided, and the proceedings opened with the singing of hymns. An appeal for funds to reduce the debt remaining on the chapel was then made by Evangelist Bassard. He stated that the building had cost between £600 and £700, and after deducting the amount already collected, a debt of £328/7/8 remained. In response to the appeal the sum of £91/15/ was received in a very short time. A prayer of thanks giving was then offered, led by Bro. Adermann. The Rosewood Choir rendered a musical item, after which the treasurer’s report was given Evangelist Bassard announced th:la the debt now remaining was £236 12/8. He thanked all who had rendered such valuable service by the voluntary help, and to all who worked and gave towards the church. 

Addresses were given by Bro J. Coward (Brisbane), Sister Wendorf (president of the Queensland Sisters Conference), Bro. Wendorf (Brisbane), Bro. Berlin, sen. (Brisbane), and Bro. A. Henriehsen (vice-president West Moreton Churches of Christ). Musical items were contributed by Miss M. Jensen, Messrs, A. and J. Jensen, Miss L. Henrichsen, Miss Murry, Bro. Bassard, Bro. Morris, Rosewood Choir, and a dialogue waa rendered by a number of friends from Marburg. The singing of the hymn “Till We Meet Again” and Doxology concluded the proceedings. Miss Dorothy Bade presided at the organ throughout the proceedings. The dedication of the chapel took place at the 11 a.m. service on Sunday, and in the evening a service of song and prayer meeting was held. The attendance at the services was large.

Baptist Church (Lanefield) (1887)

Stevens Rd near the corner of Henderson Rd, Lanefield
A hardwood building 36 ft x 26 ft with 15 ft walls, and lined throughout for the Rosewood Baptist Church was completed by Alfred Colthup and David Hopper and opened 8th April, 1887. The Architect was R. Gailey from Brisbane. The church was situated at Stevens Road near the corner of Henderson Road. The work of the church was moved to Rosewood in 1959 and the church was sold for demolition. Mr Collier bought the building and used the timber to build his house near the old Tallegalla railway station.

Rev. N. C. Watt 1887; Thomas Vigis Oct.,1887-1888; W. Petie 1888; Edwin Robert Makin 1890-1892; Thomas Uren Symonds 1892-1897; Rev. G. H. Leigton 1898-1899; Rev. J. Glover 1900-1902; Ezekiel Barnett 1902; Thomas E. Ashworth 1916; Rev A. J. Chisholm 1937

Rosewood Baptist Church (1959)

84 John St, Rosewood 4340


The work of the Lanefield church was moved into into Rosewood on 25th January 1959 and a new church hall was built. This was during the ministry of the  Rev D. A. Dunlop (November 1957 and July 1963). Two blocks of land in John Street, Rosewood, were purchased for the sum £800, and plans were drawn for a new church building. The Lanefield church building was sold for two hundred and fifty pounds to Mr Bob Coller, who used the timber in building his residence at Tallegalla, near the old Tallegalla railway station. The estimated cost for the new church building in Rosewood was 4,944 pounds 10 shillings. Many people worked willingly, cutting and carting timber, and helping with the building work. A “stump-capping” ceremony was held and finally the new church was officially opened by Mr R. J. Morris, President of the Baptist Union of Queensland, on 5 August 1961.



Salvation Army (1887)

Sergeant Perrem 1893; Brigadier Brutnell 1901; Adjutant Rudd 1908; Adjutant V. Ford 1930

A branch of the Salvation Army was started in Rosewood in 1887 in the Farmer’s Hall where they continued to gather thereafter.

Church of England (1893)

72 John St, Rosewood 4340
In 1893, the Anglican community bought the disused building formerly occupied by the Primitive Methodist Church and enlarged it. For three years prior to that services were held in Mr and Mrs P. Adams’ home and the assemblies were visited by clergy from Ipswich. Rev. W. S. Heathcote was the first minister. A new church was built in 1930 and dedicated on 5th April, under the name of St Luke. (Cost £1,000)

Rev. W. S. Heathcote 1890; Rev. H. Gradwell; Rev. W. S. Heathcote 1906-1908; Rev. A. E. Attkins 1909-1911; Rev. J. R. Needham 1911; Rev. H. E. Trask 1912; Rev. T. Wilson-Hely 1912-1916; Rev. George Neale 1917-1921; Rev. T. Edwards 1922-1923; Rev. T. H. Clark 1924-1925; Rev. A. W. Gilbert 1926

Lutheran Church (St Matthews) (1930)

63 Matthew Street, Rosewood
A new church building measuring 32 x 20 feet was erected in May/June 1930 on an allotment in Matthew Street. The contractor was J. Bowles.

1928-1929 Pastor C. M.L. Doehler; 1929-1959 Pastor C. A.G. Doehler; 1948-1949 Pastor W. B Uebergang;   -1949 Pastor H F Quast; 1950-1955 Pastor A. E Schirmer; 1959-1966 Pastor V. S Grieger; 1960-1966 Pastor R W. Gerhardy; 1967-1973 Pastor A. H Koehler; 1971-1978 Pastor Gerald D Dahlenburg; 1978-1984 Pastor G. H. Maas; 1993-1998 Pastor M J. Uebergang.

Queensland Times  Friday 23 May 1930, page 12
ROSEWOOD Tuesday. Lutheran Church – A new church building, measuring 32 x 20, for the adherents of the Lutheran Church, is in the course of erection at Rosewood. Eighteen months ago, fortnightly services of the Lutheran Church were commenced at a private residence in Rosewood. Since that time the membership has increased (now numbering 20) and its zealous members, having decided to procure their own church property purchased an allotment of land in Matthew-street. On this their church is being built, the work of which it is hoped to have completed in about six weeks’ time, when the opening ceremony will take place. Pastor Dohler of Ipswich, has charge of the Rosewood Church, and Mr. W. Schlefelbein is Secretary of the organisation. The contractor of the new church is Mr. J. Bowles.

Wesleyan (Methodist) Church (Ebenezer) (1871)

Queensland Times, Ipswich Herald and General Advertiser, Saturday 27 May 1871, page 2
On Sunday, April 23rd, the opening services in connection with the new Wesleyan Church at Seven-mile creek, was preached by the Rev. W. G. R. Stephinson, of Ipswich. The opening tea-meeting in connection with the same church was held on the evening of the 24th instant, when a report was submitted by Mr. Whitney, and addresses were delivered by the Rev. Messrs. Stephinson and Midgley, and Messrs. Wilbox, Allen, Woolley, and Whitney, sen. The chapel, which is a very neat building, is to be called Ebenezer; it is well attended and supported by the persons living in that locality, who feel that the prospects of Wesleyan Methodism are of a most encouraging and satisfactory character.

Antcliffe family in front of the Methodist Church, Ebenezer, near Ipswich, c.1905
(Photo-Picture Ipswich)

On Sunday, 2nd April 1952, at the monthly church service conducted by Messrs. K. Turnbull and G. Sleaford, members of the congregation farewelled Mr. Ian Turnbull, who sailed the following day for Japan where he was to work as a missionary. Ian Turnbull was born in the district and attended the local school. He was the first pupil in the history of the school to go out as a foreign missionary.

Congregational Church (Mount Walker) (1896)

Mt Walker Congregational Church

Mount Walker Congregational Church opened in 1896. It had closed by 1940

Church of Christ (Mount Walker) (1884)

10 Hinrichsen Rd, Mount Walker 4340
Mount Walker Church of Christ opened in 1884 and celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2009.

German Baptist Church (Mount Walker) (1872)

Mount Walker German Baptist Church opened in 1872. For a time it was the headquarters for the German Baptist churches, until circa 1879 when that responsibility shifted to Engelsburg (now Kalbar) Baptist Church.

St Patrick’s RC Church (Rosevale) (1889)

766 Rosevale Rd, Rosevale
It was designed by Father Andrew Horan and built from 1888 to 1889. It was added to the Queensland Heritage Register on 11 December 2009.

Church of Christ (Rosevale) (1896)

Rosevale Rd & Elavesor Dr, Rosevale  4340
6th October 1896 – A splendid Church of Christ is being erected on a piece of the late Mr. C. Christensen’s land, just above the ” Old Station.”The many friends of Mr. Christian Christensen will regret to hear of his death, which took place at his residence on Monday morning last. He was a very old gentleman and a prominent member of the Church of Christ. Before he died he gave a handsome sum towards the erection of the new church, and worked with a will at the clearing of the ground; but unfortunately he did not live to see the church finished. He was buried on the plot ground cleared for the new church.

St Paul’s Lutheran Church (Rosevale) (1881)

572 Rosevale Road, Rosevale,  4340
The Church was originally called St Laurentius (1881 – 1928) then St Paul’s from 1929 until the present day. It was served from Laidley until 1900, when it realigned with Ipswich Parish.

Baptist Church (Rosevale) (1896)

Situated between Mr. C. Christensen’s and Mr. Borchet’s paddock. Rev. T. U. Symonds (Minister of the Rosewood Circuit)

All Saints’ Anglican Church (Rosevale) (1887)

Reopened September 1929

St Peter’s Catholic Church (Grandchester) (1894)

Cnr George St & Symes St, Grandchester
On the 6th November 1894, St Peters Catholic Church was opened by Archbishop Dunne, Rev. Andrew Horan and M. Ryan. Ipswich Parish Priest, Father Stephen Bliss, held a final Mass in the old church on Thursday, 27th October 2022. Father Bliss also deconsecrated the church.


St Anne’s Anglican Church (Hidden Vale) (1937)

Mt Mort Rd, Hidden Vale


The church was built in 1937 on land donated by Mrs Cotton of Hidden Vale. The altar was built by Colin Freeman of Rosewood in exchange for having his marriage ceremony performed free of charge.