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Old and New Seven Mile Bridge, Rosewood 1968
Photo: Spencer Yarrow  Src: Picture Ipswich


Mason’s Bridge – Rosewood – 1876

Seven Mile Bridge – Log causeway 1857   Bridge 1861, 1900 (started Sept), 1968 (opened 23rd July)
12th December 1857 – A good and substantial log causeway at the Seven Mile Creek is now finished, and is expected to serve its intended purpose until the bridge itself is constructed.
8th February 1859 –  Called for tenders for Sawyers for the Seven Mile Bridge.
14th November 1861 – The bridge over the Seven-Mile Creek beyond, Ipswich may be considered as finished.
1st April 1897 – Rosewood. Nothing of importance has happened in our quiet town during the past fortnight, unless it is the excitement existing over the proposed repair of the Seven-mile Bridge. It is unfortunate for travellers who do not know that it is uncrossable to find, when they get there, that they have to go a long way round to cross, especially as the bridge is on a public road. 

Moran’s Bridge Railway Crossing, near Rosewood

Keane’s Road Bridge – Keane’s Road, Rosewood – December 1926 (Bridge over Bremer River). Replaced 2023.

Three Mile Bridge – Opened 9th December 1857,  New bridge opened 10th June 1912 

Five Mile Bridge – Walloon

M. Hines Road Bridge – Ebenezer (Bridge over Gully)

Brandy Gully Bridge – Lanefield (Destroyed by fire 1904 rebuilt 1906 (cost £64.14s 4d)

Strong’s Road Bridge – Lanefield (Bridge over Western Creek)

Tom Kerle Bridge on Hiddenvale Road, Calvert  (Bridge over Western Creek)

Guilfoyles Gully Bridge – 1865

Western Creek Bridge -1934
5th November 1931- New Bridge – Mr. E. B. Maher. M.L.A., has been Informed by the Minister for Railways (Mr. Godfrey Morgan) that the Main Roads Commissioner has recommended the erection of a new timber span bridge over Western Creek, on the Rosewood-Mt. Walker Road.
31st January 1934 – Western Creek Bridge – Mr. W. G. Bamberry has completed the new bridge over the Western Creek, situated on the deviation of the Rosewood-Mt. Walker Road, near Rosewood.

Mort’s Bridge – Franklyn Vale – 1923  (Bridge over Franklyn Vale Creek)

McFarland Bridge at Grandchester  (Bridge over Western Creek)

Howe’s Bridge at Lower Mount Walker – pre 1885

Stoke’s Crossing on the Bremer River at Mt Walker.

Adams Bridge at Rosevale (over Bremer River)

Spressor’s & Blundell’s Bridges – Rosewood Warrill View Rd