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Memories of Rosewood with Pearl Bloxsidge, Rosewood, 2013 [transcript]

Memories of Rosewood with Betty Boughen, Rosewood, Ipswich 2014 [transcript]

Memories of Thagoona with Mary Kavanagh, Rosewood, Ipswich 2014 [transcript]


Vance Johnson Family History 1824-1980 – Author: Klan Genealogical Supplies

Dale Family History – May 2011 – Authors: Percy Hanlon, Kathleen Hayward, John Dale

Growing Up at the Seven Mile – 2019 – Authors: Roy Armstrong, Joyce Rieck (nee Armstrong)


Rosewood Library –  15 Railway St, Rosewood QLD 4340

Rosewood Scrub Historical Society – 73 Edmond Street, Marburg QLD 4346

Picture Ipswich – Ipswich Library – Nicholas St, Ipswich QLD 4305

Genealogical Relationship Chart


Centenary of St. Brigid’s Catholic Church, Rosewood, Queensland – 1985 – Geoffrey E. Brown, Geoffrey G. Brown

Rosewood Railway Museum – 2000 – E. K. Teddy Hancox
The booklet details the tremendous work of many Australian Railway Historical Society – QLD Division members. It provides information about the line and its rollingstock as well as a brief history of the Marburg branch line.

Horse Tracks and Stirrup Irons – Death Comes to Ebenezer – Stevenson, Caroline  2006
A true crime casebook detailing a 1926 murder-mystery of Louisa Caroline Bade. 

The Goanna Too Good For Rules – 2008 – Samantha Fraser.
A children’s book by a Rosewood author and illustrated by a local teacher aide in Rosewood, Tracey Vella.

Rosewood Then and Now: A Story Through Time – Susanne Ruijs – 2017
Tells the story of a small community which is now part of the Ipswich City Council. It tells how it all started and how it developed.

Rosewood & District Roll of Honour  World Wars 1 & 2
Researched & Compiled by Edwin Habben O.A.M. R.F.D. – Published 2018
The Men From Rosewood & District Who Served Their King And Country during World War One.

The Great War For Civilisation – Researched & Compiled by Edwin Habben O.A.M. R.F.D. – Edited By: Vanessa Williams. – Published 2018

Copies of Eddie’s books are held in the Local History Room at Rosewood Library along with his other publications:-
Ipswich and District Roll of Honour W.W.2 – Volume 1
Ipswich and District Roll of Honour W.W.2 – Volume 2
Ipswich and District Military Memorials


Containing scenes depicting local people and places.

1926  Film producer, Charles Chauvel, made The Moth of Moonbi (adapted from the popular Queensland novel by Mabel Forrest) at various locations at Franklin Vale and in the Rosevale Valley, 25 km south-west of Rosewood.

1984 19th July- The Settlement an Australian film directed by Howard Rubie and starring Bill Kerr and John Jarratt was released. It was set in Queensland in the 1950s. The pub and main street in Marburg and St Brigid’s in Rosewood appear in the film.

2009  I Love Pop Music by Ben Lee. – The first single off his Rebirth of Venus album in 2009 and filmed in John Street in Rosewood.

2010 Mabo – Scenes filmed in the Rosewood Hotel, on nearby roads and in surrounding bushland.

2014 500 Miles – The movie was filmed inside the Rosewood Hotel, on the streets of Rosewood, and at Tallegalla.

2015 Kate’s Story – Features a house at 67 Gipps Street, Calvert. Produced by Soul Vision Films in association with One Tree Productions KEYS explores the intricate relationship between father and daughter after a horrific accident destroys their family. 

2017 We Were Tomorrow – Production utilised Woodlands of Marburg, The Rosewood Railway, The Workshops Rail Museum, an old church in Marburg and the Grandchester sawmill.

Castlemaine XXXX – Last Orders –  Lager Beer TV Advert – 1999

Census Ad – 2006 – Australia Ernie Dingo TV Commercial – Ernie goes into the Rising Sun Hotel.