Rosewood and District History

Can you help with our history?

Not everything is recorded in official records, which later become historical records.

Those of you who were born or grew up in the district are its “living history”. Your local knowledge and memories are invaluable and irreplaceable. I would be honoured to give them a home here.  Your Memories

Perhaps you have an interesting story that was passed down in your family or you can give an eye witness account of something from days gone by?

Would you like to see some of your family’s history represented here?

Do you have photos of interesting people, places, events, farm equipment, vehicles, show animals, vintage household items, clothing, jewellery, family memorabilia, documents, receipts, letters, recipes or poetry etc that you would like to share with others? 

Your contribution will be accredited to you.


I welcome any additional information, comments and feedback relating to my posts.

Please contact me via the Contact Form or email me.

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