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Rosewood Railway Station


This list has been compiled from various records. It consists of the names of railway employees and the years they were mentioned.
Station Master/Station Mistress = SM and Assistant Station Master = ASM.

The first gatekeepers at Rosewood were John Farrell, John Vance and William Mathew, who was the first ganger on the Rosewood length. Later Mrs. John Farrell was appointed gatekeeper until Mr. Kingsborough Black became gatekeeper.
July 1878 – Kingsborough Black was appointed as the first SM
Sept 1879 – Kingsborough Black SM was transferred to Chinchilla and succeeded by Mr Knox.
21/2/1881-1/7/1890 Arthur Powell (Night Porter)
27/4/1882 –   Mr John Knox who had been SM at Rosewood Gate for two years was been removed from the service. His place was filled by Mr. H. Jefferies from Dulacca. Mr. Merritt, telegraph officer, went to Walloon to replace Mr Charles Glynn (recently removed from the service). Mr Jefferies will be SM, postmaster and telegraph officer.
1886 – Mr. A. Bensley SM
1/6/1886 – J. W. Shirley appointed Porter
Feb 1888 – Mr. J. S. Cook SM – transferred from Rosewood to Woolangarra 19/1/1889.
John Kerr – appointed 1/6/1888 (Night Porter); Mrs Kerr Gatekeeper at Rosewood until  17/11/1888
1889 – Mr. James Kerr Burns was SM until August 1911 when he retired.
June 1901 – The vacancy caused by the transfer of Mr. J. P. Walsh, late night officer at the railway station, was filled by the appointment of Mr. Harry Boatwright, who haled from Howard.
1911 – Mr. J. R. Allen was SM until he retired in January 1927 – Mr. Schmidt became relieving SM.
Sept 1912 –  Mr. Schmidt ASM was transferred to Cooroy.
1913 – Mr. W. Nock ASM
1914 – Lilia Beatrice Allen (Booking Clerk); Jane Elizabeth Dowrick SM; John Sellars (Porter)
October 1915 – Mr. James Mortimer Tait ASM
1921 – James Noonan was a porter at the railway station.
1923 –  Mr. Jeremiah  Bernard Sloane (Booking Clerk)
1924 – Mr. F. Merton relieved for J. R. Allen who was on holidays at Tweed Heads.
February 1925 – Mr. James Reddan, was transferred from the Rosewood railway station to Isle Junction in the capacity of night officer. The vacancy at Rosewood was been filled by Mr. Power, of Ipswich.
May 1926 – Mr V. D. O’Sullivan commenced duty as a porter at Rosewood station.
August 1926 – Mr. W. Lourigan (from Kingaroy) was appointed ASM in place of Mr. J. Sellars who went to Darra.(Lourigan was dismissed on 5th November 1926 for an act of negligence, the primary offence being he was under the influence of liquor.
Feb 1927 –  Mr. Smith (relieving for J. R. Allen) was replaced by Mr. W. J. Watson. Mr. M. J. Kenny was ASM (still ASM in April 1936). Mr. P. Aylwood was 1st ASM. Mr. A. Roberts from Barcaldine was 2nd ASM.
March 1927 – Mr. Charles Vincent Walker of Southport was appointed SM (still SM in June 1930). W. Geddes on staff.
May 1929 – Mr. J. B. Sloane (Booking Clerk) went on annual leave and Mr. P. O’Shea was relieving.
June 1929 – Mr. Patrick Reddan who had been in charge of the maintenance branch retired after 40 years on the Rosewood length.
October 1929 – Mr. A. Roberts SM
July 1930 –  Mr. A. A. Roberts ASM was transferred.
1932 – Thomas Michael Fitzgerald SM (retired May 1938)
September 1933 – Mr. Mat Mehren, of the Rosewood Railway Station was been notified of his transfer and promotion to night officer at Yarongmulu. Mr. Ashwood, of Forest Hill, was appointed to Rosewood.
August 1936 – Mr. E. Ashwood of the staff of Rosewood Railway Station was notified of his transfer to Brisbane.
May 1938 – Mr. David Samuel Thomasson of Lowood was appointed SM at Rosewood. Mr W. Matthews was night officer.
June 1939 – Mr. Jeremiah Bernard Sloane (Booking Clerk) Promotion and transfer to Roma Street Station.
Sept 1940 – Mr. W. Matthews 4th class ASM at Rosewood was appt 5th class ASM at Dinmore.
1941- Thomas Jenkins SM
January 1942 – Mr. W. J. Cloughley SM – transferred to Cannon Hill
March 1942 – Mr. F. G. Gillespie of Wallangarra was SM – transferred to Townsville 1942
1942 – Mr W. Quaine (Mill Hill) SM
1959 – Robert Alfred Heuston SM
1969 – Donald George Macpherson SM

18/1/1890 – Mrs Annie Quainton appointed Gatekeeper.
1890 – Mr. S. C. Dugan – had been relieving SM for some time before his death in October 1890
1906 – Elizabeth Jane Dowrick SM
1914, 1915 – Mr. Philip John Danager SM; Mr. William Alexander Graham (Night Officer)
1927 – Mrs. Alice Lucy McMullen SM – Retired 1929
– Annie Yarrow, Gatekeeper. Wife of William Henry Robert Yarrow, Fettler.

Brisbane Courier – 30 October 1914 – Rosewood – Mr. W. Hagan resigned his position as assistant station master at Rosewood, Calvert, and Grandchester.

1889 – June 1899 Mr. J. Webster SM (there over 9 years)
1/10/1874 – William Fry appointed SM
19/11/1889 – John Webster appointed SM
1906 – James Macarthur Mustard SM
1914 – Mr. Frederick James Carney SM
1916 – Cecil Stewart Owen of the railway department Granchester was killed in action in France 29th July.
1919 – R. J. Watkins SM
1920 – Thomas John Watson SM
1924 – J. Webster SM (relieving till July 1924)
1926 – Ernest Frederick Walker (Night Officer)
February 1927 – Mr. H. Jordan, the relieving SM had to return to his home at Sandgate, on account of illness. Mr. T. Cleary relieved during his absence.
October 1931 – Mr. T. J. Watson SM – transferred to Roma after 11 years
1931, 1936, 1937 – 1939 Mr. William Thomas Hodges SM
May 1939, 1941 – Mr. Walter Jensen SM
1959 – Sydney Harold Davies SM
1969 – William James Doughty Sherman SM

1914 – Mrs. Jane McCarthy SM

1918 – September – Mr. and Mrs. Pashley of the Tallegalla railway station were transferred to Nudgee. Mrs. M’Gee, from Perry’s Knob, was appointed to Tallegalla.

March 1923 – Mr. Ben Murrel SM – retired December 1925
April 1934 – Mr. F. W. Diezmann SM 

24/6.1889 – Annie O’Shea appointed Gatekeeper
1/8/1891 – Winifred Shea appointed Gatekeeper
1914 – Eileen Margueritte McGuire SM
Oct 1928 – Mr. Daniel Maurice McGuire SM – transferred to Ipswich May 1938
1940’s – Mrs. Nora Wilson SM
17th October 1951 – Walter Angus Wilson (62) married, a railway fettler living in a railway cottage at Thagoona, via Rosewood, died suddenly about 11.40p.m. at his residence.

1/8/1882 – J. J. Holdsworth appointed SM
27/10/1885 – Mrs Evans appointed Gatekeeper
25/11/1885 – Thomas Dobson appointed Porter
14/1/1888 – William George Cathcart appointed Operating Porter
18/10/1889 – T. Coghill appointed (Lad Porter) (aged 17)
6/12/1889 –  Mrs Brodwick appointed Gatekeeper
Jan 1921 – Mr. Roggenkamp SM was appointed relieving SM at Warwick & Mr. J. Kelly transferred from Saltern to Walloon.
1936 – Mr. J. H. Kelly SM
August 1952 – Mrs. I. Owens (Tarzali) transferred from Mulgowie to 2nd class SM at Walloon.