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Welcome to Pioneers and Past Times of Rosewood and surrounds.

I am passionate about history and started this website so I could collate, archive and share my research with those interested in the communities of Rosewood and the surrounding towns.

The inspiration for a name for my site came to me when I was reading about a club that was formed in Rosewood 100 years ago in 1924. It was called the “Rosewood Pastimes Club”, and it was established for recreational and adult educational purposes.

Researching for me is a labour of love and something I’ve been doing for decades of my life in various arenas. It compels me to delve deep into the maze that is the past as I try to catch glimpses of the lives of those who’ve gone before us. Those glimpses can bring into sharp focus the great difficulties faced by the pioneer men, women and children and the great determination and unflagging spirit possessed by those industrious people who worked together to build something worthwhile, their community!

In saying that, looking for records that no longer exist can be frustrating and disappointing. Is it any wonder there are so many gaps, when we can see for ourselves history disappearing before our eyes?

Thank goodness for the old newspapers which have been rescued and preserved. They hold many pieces (but certainly not all) of the puzzle and reveal things that we did not know from those who were there and witnessed them. The journalists of old diligently reported on anything and everything and did so in such great detail. I wonder how many of those correspondents realised at the time what a great legacy they would leave behind?

My hopes are that the content on this site will be as factual as possible. It is a work in progress, and as such, I will continually add new posts and update information.

Like all of the developing towns, those beginning years of Rosewood were the “Wild Colonial Days”.

I hope you find this site interesting. – Jane Schy

[The Home Page photo depicts the southern end of John Street and was taken about 1928.]


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