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Formerly Elite Maternity Home – Nurse Domrow – 67 John Street, Rosewood



1860’s   Dr. W. H. Von Lossberg was called upon to come to Rosewood and district from Ipswich, or patients were taken to see him in Ipswich.

1880    Dr. E. R. Webb – Government Medical Officer,  Ipswich

1887   Dr. W. H. Von Lossberg was appointed Government Medical Officer at Ipswich.

1890    Dr. Lightoller

1904    Dr. R. McDonald

 Jan 1907-1909   Dr. Arthur Anderson – Only son of the Under Secretary for Education Mr. J. G. Anderson and Harriet Lucille nee Nelson.

Oct 1909-July 1911   Dr. Thomas Percy Allen

Aug 1911-Jan 1912   Dr. Thomas Cathcart Caldwell   
Dr. Thomas Cathcart Caldwell, MD., ChM, Edin, D.P.H., Edinburgh and Glasgow, D.T. M., University, Liverpool. He had a brilliant university career, and after serving as a medical officer in the South African war, entered the service of the Colonial Government. He came to Queensland in the year 1910, and after a short period in private practice, he joined the staff of the Mental Hospital at Goodna, having also the right of private practice. He was very popular locally and highly valued because of his skill and engaging personality.

Jan 1912-Aug 1913   Dr. Wermert Wittrock   
A veteran medical practitioner who was unmarried and well known in many German communities. He was born in Germany in 1854 and received his medical training there. He came to Australia as a comparatively young man and for many years practised at Beenleigh where he was known as a thorough medical man of the old school. He moved to Goombungee and also practised at several other country centres in Queensland. Despite his advancing years, Dr. Wittrock travelled widely and several times visited Germany and other Continental countries, as well as seeing a great part of Australia.

– Dr. Hurrey

1912-1940  Dr. Robert Wallace M.D. Ch.B. (John Street) 
He was born in Ibrox, Govan, Scotland. Dr. Wallace was a graduate of Glangow University. After practising in several North Queensland towns he came to Rosewood where he practised in for 24 years until his death in 1936 aged 60 years. His wife Sarah nee Wilson, who died in 1928, was a nurse before their marriage. Their daughter Mary Ellen was also a nurse. Their son, Dr Robert Wallace jnr, worked in the practice and carried on for a while after his father died. (1936-May 1940 when he went to Melbourne.)

Dr. Cooney and Dr. Saxby visited twice per week from Ipswich 1941-1949

1950-1964  Dr. Kenneth Thomas Rawle (73 Matthew Street)
He completed his medical degree at the Sydney University and went on to finish his internship at the Brisbane Mater Hospital. He came to Rosewood and lived at the Rising Sun Hotel. Ken married in Sydney in November 1950 and bought his wife Marie Joyce nee Richards home to a house at 31 Matthew Street. In 1958 they moved further up the street to a new home they’d built at 73 Matthew Street (later the home of Isabella Kearsley). He had a fine singing voice and would give his rendition of “Making Whoopee” at concerts.

Dr. Stephenson (surgery in John Street)


January 1925  Mr. H. Bradford, the newly-appointed health inspector for the joint areas of Rosewood, Laidley, and Tarampa Shires, arrived to take up his residence in Rosewood, and commenced duties.


Established April 1935 – The Rosewood sub-centre of the Ipswich Baby Clinic opened in the C.W.A. rest room. Sister Todd was in charge. Thirteen attended on the first day. The  C.W.A. was responsible for the extension of the clinic to Rosewood.

Prior to this…
On 7th April 1930 the Travelling Baby Clinic and Children’s Welfare Car arrived in Rosewood in the charge of Nurses Mee and Black. A welcome was extended to them on their arrival by Councillor F. J. W. Eichstadt (chairman of the Rosewood Shire Council). Miss M. Loveday (president of the Country Women’s Association) also spoke. Several members of the Rosewood branch of the C. W. A. were present and entertained the visitors to morning tea, after which, an inspection was made of the car.

In October 1934 Dr. Jefferis Turner, Director of Child Welfare, was in Rosewood to propose to work the baby clinic from Ipswich, and a nurse would visit Rosewood one day a week. The C.W.A. Rest Room was to be placed at the disposal of the authorities.


Augusta Wilhelmine Domrow, Kathrena Kucks, Henrietta Adeline Muller, Mrs Kapernick, Augusta Phyllis Stubbs, Ann Hines, Mary Ellen Wallace, Nurse Johns, Nurse Hazard


Mrs. L. Muller’s private hospital, Tallegalla – 1912

St Florence Private Hospital (Nurse Catherine Kucks) 1911-1919 (45 John Street)

St Florence Private Hospital (Nurse Ann Hines) 1920-1924 (12 Albert Street for 1 year then 45 John Street)

St Kilda’s Private Hospital (Nurse Augusta Stubbs)  2 May1919; 1925-1947 (45 John Street)

Weeroona Nursing Home 1910-1925 and Elite Maternity Home from 1925-1929 (67 John Street)


Nurse Augusta Wilhelmina Domrow started her practice in 1910. Over the years mothers and others received her attention, and nothing but the highest gratitude and praise was extended to her for the considerate and skilful service she rendered to every patient coming under her charge. Sir Gordon Chalk was one of the babies born in her hospital.


A hospital for the treatment of infectious diseases opened in Hospital Road in 1912. It closed in July 1919 and opened again in August because of the return of a number of cases of pneumonic influenza in the community. The school was closed and the Rosewood Show was abandoned that year. In May, Miss Margaret Evelyn Farrell, daughter of Michael Joseph and Mary Ellen Farrell (nee Sloane) died as a result of pneumonic influenza aged 25 years. She had been a staff member at the Brisbane Telephone Exchange. The epidemic hospital, which had been under the charge of Nurse Clara Hazard (former A.A.N.S and Matron of Laidley Hospital), closed at the end of 1924 and future patients were treated in Ipswich.


Joseph William Evans, J. C. Tomlin, Frank B. Tomlin, Gertrude Brooks, J. A. Wilson,  R. Shewan (Allen’s Pharmacy), Gerald Nolan, Hugh Joseph McGukin, Kevin Patrick Warlow


1881    Joseph William Evans

1893   George T. Rose closed his Ipswich practice and moved to Brisbane. Prior to this he had visited Rosewood and other country towns.

1905   W. H. Bunnett – Brisbane Street, Ipswich. Visited on Saturday afternoon at Hodge’s Hotel.

1907   Knight L. Barnett X.L.D.Q. from Ipswich. First visit Tuesday 22 October. After that 1st and 3rd Tuesdays.

1907   Maclolm Campbell worked  in the Pender building, John Street, until it burnt down in 1914.

1916   Maclolm Campbell visiting

19151932    Hugh Joseph McGukin Ph.C. L.D.Q.
Born at Swan Creek, near Warwick, he studied at pharmacy and dental colleges in Brisbane. In his early life he conducted businesses at Killarney, Warwick and Redcliffe.

19371963    Walter Patrick Grealy’s surgery was inside Gertrude Book’s chemist shop in John Street (around No 3). He also had a surgery above the newsagent and one in Albert Street for a while.

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