Rosewood History ©


1892    The first Rosewood Court house was built where William Mathew had his gatehouse (1 John Street). On 19th November the tender of J. C. Thomson, £93 11s., time two months, was accepted by the Works Department for a new court-room at Rosewood.

1905    E. J. Pender, Solicitor, opened a Rosewood branch of Pender and Pender, Ipswich (Edward Joseph & Michael Peter)

1907   23rd September – A new Rosewood Court-house and police station built by Charles Risdale (£791.15) was informally opened.

1910    3rd March – Messrs Hargreaves & Hargreaves Solicitors and Surveyors of Rosewood opened a branch of their business in an office at Mr W. J. Bennett’s new rooms. Mr Joseph Hargreaves could be seen every Thursday.

1912, 1913   Cardew and Simpson, Solicitors, Ipswich visited.

1916    The firm of Pender and Pender split and E. J. Pender opened an office in Brisbane. Michael stayed in Ipswich. The Rosewood branch was run in conjunction with Edward’s Brisbane practice.

1920    There was enough legal business to warrant daily visits from a solictor from Edward Pender’s Brisbane firm.

1924    E. J. Pender died and his eldest son Thomas and eldest daughter Mary, who had passed the preliminary law exams, took the practice.

1927 onwards  Thomas Pender came to Rosewood every Saturday.

1932   Daily visits from Pender’s firm stopped. The firm was subject to competition from a former employee who set up his own firm. 

Because of the improved roads and increasing owenership of motor cars some of the younger residents started doing business in Ipswich.