Rosewood History


People from the Rosewood community and surrounding communities have served for decades in various arenas, from the Boer War as part of the Imperial Army, through World Wars 1 & 2 and other conflicts, up to the present day. When on the battlefield, no matter where, their hometown would have been uppermost in their thoughts. Like other nearby country towns, Rosewood has a War Memorial to commemorate those who have died as a result of war services. There are also honour boards within the towns which acknowledge the communities’ commitment to the military forces.

Conflicts involving Australia

Boer War 1899-1902   See names of local men who served in the Boer War below.
WW1 1914-18    See a list of local ANZAC heroes below.
WW2 1939-45    World War Two Nominal Roll (Can search by place)
Korean War 1950-53    Nominal Roll of Korean War Veterans
Malayan Emergency 1948-60
Indonesian Confrontation 1963-66
Vietnam War 1962-75   Nominal Roll of Vietnam Veterans
Gulf War 1990-91
Australian led International intervention East Timorese Crisis 1999-200
Sierra Leone Civil War 200-2003
Afghanistan Conflict Sep 2001-2003
Iraqi Civil War 2006-2008
War on ISIL 2014 -present
Peacekeeping since 1947

Members of the Australian Light Horse Regiment at a camp near Grandchester, Ipswich, 1942-1945
Photo: Picture Ipswich

Virtual War Memorial | Rosewood March of the Dungarees, Rosewood

Monument Australia | Centenary of Dungarees Recruitment March

Virtual War Memorial | Rosewood Shire Council Roll of Honor, Rosewood

Virtual War Memorial | Rosewood P.A.F.S.O.A. No 22 Masonic Temple

Virtual War Memorial | Tallegalla Cemetery, Ipswich, Queensland

Monument Australia | Grandchester Roll of Honour, Grandchester

Monument Australia | Grandchester War Memorial, Grandchester


The RAAF Base Amberley is only 13.5 kms from Rosewood. It is the Air Force’s largest base employing over 5,000 people.
Photo below: Aerial View of RAAF Amberley on 2nd September 1947 – Eric Douglas collection

Retired Warrant Officer George Hatchman, an avid RAAF Amberley historian, wrote this article.  Avenue of Honour


A sub-branch of the Returned Sailors’ and Soldiers’ Imperial League (R.S.S.A.I.L.A.) was formed in Rosewood on the night of 30th January 1920, at a meeting of returned soldiers in the Shire Hall. In 1965, the RSSAILA’s name was changed to the Returned Services League of Australia (RSLA). In 1990, the name was changed to the Returned & Services League of Australia (RSL).

On 23rd February 1938, a women’s auxiliary of the Rosewood sub branch of the R.S.S.A.I.L.A. was formed. Mrs. J. B. Sloane was president, Mrs N. Coote was secretary, and Mrs. E. J. Battle was treasurer. Mr. J. B. Sloane (President of the League sub-branch) expressed pleasure at the ladies’ splendid response to the invitation and said the branch would welcome their help if an auxiliary corps could be formed. At the request of the President, Mr. E. J. Battle outlined the work of the League generally, and especially referred to the establishment of the Memorial Home at Montrose for “burnt out” Diggers. Rosewood subbranch’s minimum quota to the estimated cost of maintaining the home was £10, and they desired the assistance of the ladies in raising those funds, or more, if they wished to be on a par with towns of similar size.

Memorial Hall

1954   Memorial Hall was built in William Street.
1955   Grand Opening Ball of the Rosewood Memorial Hall (R.S.S.A.I.I.A. Rosewood Sub-branch) Friday, 20th May.  Opened by Sir Raymond Huish C.B.E.
1979   RSL Memorial Hall was shifted to its present location, at the entrance to the Anzac Park sporting fields, in Mill Street. The War Memorial was relocated as well.

War Trophies

25th April 1923 – The War Trophies were unveiled in Anzac Park.

Boer War

Local men who served in the Boer War. Some also served in WW1.

FARRELL, John Joseph (1885-1942) 
Boer War: Private;  Regimental No. 82 Joined 9th March 1901-  4th Queensland Imperial Bushmen
Invalided with enteric per ‘Ranee’ arrived Brisbane 8.3.1901 discharged 13.3.1901
Great War: SERN 16801 : POB Roma QLD: POE Toowoomba QLD: 14th Field Engineers NOK M Farrell (Mother) Parents: Patrick and Mary Farrell, Mill Street, Rosewood

FARRELL, John Andrew (1871 Rosewood-1927)
Boer War: Trooper; Regimental No. 3610; 3rd New South Wales Imperial Bushmen
Great War: SERN 3488 : POB Rosewood QLD: POE Brisbane QLD:  26th Battalion 8th Reinforcements: NOK W Farrell Mrs Anne Jane Farrell (Wife)
Gun shot wounds left leg and right arm 3.5.1917 Bullecourt.
Parents: John and Margaret Farrell, John Street, Rosewood

HANLON, William Lawrence (1876 Rosewood-1964)
Boer War: Private; Third contingent;  Regimental No. 281: Joined 20.11.1900: 3rd Queensland Mounted Infantry
Invalided from Gwelo per ‘Delphia’ arrived Brisbane 19.11.1900 discharged 26.11.1900 to Royal Hotel Rosewood.

JONES, James (1875-1946)
Boer War: Private; 2nd Contingent; Australian Light Horse Mounted Infantry
Great War: SERN 2092 : POB Calvert QLD: POE Brisbane QLD: 3/41st Battalion: NOK M Jones Bridget
Parents: John Bathurst and Bridget Jones, Calvert then Ipswich

Jules Armand PAROZ (1859-1937)
Lived in Ipswich and went to Gympie where he was drill instructor of C Coy., Queensland Mounted Infantry, and was later a military instructor at Fort Lytton during the Boer War. In December 1902 he was discharged and left Adelaide to return to Queensland, settling at Rosewood. His son James Aramand Paroz served in Great War.

CREEDY, Edwin Michael (1880 Grandchester-1941)
Boer War: Private; Regimental No. 439: 5th Queensland Imperial Bushmen
Parents: Denis Joseph and Anastasia Creedy

HOGAN, John (1881 Mort’s Creek-1936)
Boer War: Looked after horses
Parents: John and Winifred Hogan
John Hogan was born at Mort’s Creek. As a young man he was employed at Franklyn Vale and Hidden Vale Stations, and at the time of the Boer War, being a first-class horseman, he was sent by Mr. A. J. Cotton with a ship-load of remounts to South Africa, where he remained for three years. After his return he remained on the farm for a time, and then went West and North as far as the Northern Territory following up station work, and returning home at intervals. His wife lived near Grandchester.

List of ANZAC Heroes

(Born or Enlisted at ROSEWOOD)
ADAMS, Arthur Edward SN 129
ADAMS, William George SN 2229
AKES, Robert Nathaniel SN 2103A
ALBION, Arthur John SN 27101
ANGUS, Alexander John. SN 2427
ARMSTRONG, Cecil Vincent SN 18
ARMSTRONG, Percy SN 2027
ARNDT, Harry SN 2866
ARNDT, George
BAILEY, William SN 7172
BALLARD, Norman Lockyer SN 2336
BAND, Arthur Henry SN 9439
BANKS, Archibald SN 2436
BENNETT, Thomas Henry SN 5072
BENSLEY, Mark. SN 2560
BIERTON, Ambrose SN 2132 3018R
BORCHERT, Frederick SN 548
BOUGHEN, Alfred Gordon Henry SN 409
BOUGHEN, Edward SN 414
BRENNAN, James William SN 52986
BRIMBLE, Wilfred SN 6044
BROWN, Richard SN 4085
BURNS, Alexander
CASTLE, David Dan SN2353
COLLINGWOOD, George Hubert SN 3283
COOK, Albert Gabriel
COULSON, Edmund SN 7692A
DALY, Patrick SN 4418
DUTNEY, George Frederick
DUTNEY, Harry SN 4977
EMBREY, Henry Richard SN 4193
EVANS, Gerald Vance. SN 5359
FARRELL, John Andrew SN 3488
GEHRKE, Carl William SN 2339
GERMAIN, Cecil SN 1248
GILL, Frederick SN 2626
GOWER, Herbert SN 56978
GOWER, James Alfred SN 511
GOWER, George Ernest SN 1957/12
GRAIN, Elijah SN 960
GRANT, Alexander George. SN 4533
GRIFFITHS, William Edwin SN 17050
GRIMSEY, Frederick Charles SN 2818
HAINES, Leslie Charles Mountjoy SN 58034
HAINES, Thomas Richard Urry SN 27145
HEATH, Percy SN 3954
HEYES, Herbert. SN 1953
HOBBS, Alfred
HODGE, Harold Frederick SN 3166
HODGE, John SN 3177
HOGAN, Edward John SN 310A
HORNE, Harold Moses SN 283A
ISZLAUB, Percy Harold SN 2756
JACOBS, Lindsay Charles SN 2451
JENKINS, Hugh Mack SN 2438
JOHNSON, William SN 2171
JONES, Charles Julius SN3338
JORGENSEN, Adolf Heinrich SN 4472
KERR, James Stevenstone
KITZELMAN, Albert Rudolph SN 3006
KITZELMAN, Eberhardt Max SN 6773
KLAUKE, Frank Robert. SN 2410
KLAUKE,, Gustav SN 113
KLAUKE, Herman. SN 2882
KLAUKE, Rudolph SN 1781
KLEVE, William Heinrich SN 3347
KNIGHT, Ernest
KRUGER, Henry Walter SN 2624
LAUNCHBURY, James Allan SN 382s
LEVITT, Robert SN 2159
LOGAN, William Alexander SN 434
LUDLOW, Herbert Hughes SN 3131
MADDEN, Patrick James SN 4164
MAKINGS, Frederick George SN7509
MARTIN, Oswald Eric SN 2439
MCKENZIE, David John SN 457
MELTON, Percy SN 6057
MESSENGER, William SN 432
MITCHELL, John SN 6851
MOTT, Herbert Sydney SN 3187
NIELSEN, James William SN 64417
O’SULLIVAN, Michael John SN 420
OLIVER, Patrick. SN 6
OLIVER, William SN 2571
PATTERSON, Hurtle Austin SN 34
PERREM, Edwin SN 68
PERREM, Edgar SN 11852
PICKLES, Edwin SN 68
POWELL, Harry SN749
RANKIN, John SN 57968
SHERRIN, Edgar Stanley SN 3374
SLOANE, Jeremiah Bernard SN 2834
SMITH, Philip SN 2776
STEVENS, Hector Henry SN 5940
STUBBIN, Herbert Alexander SN 3195
STUMER, August Carl SN 2043
SWAN, William Webster SN 14434
VOGLER, Harry SN 2461
WATKINS, Maldwyn SN 228
WELLER, Thomas SN 560
WELLS, Samuel John SN 848 
WHITE, James Denis SN 4740
WILLIAMS, Cyril Stanley SN 1697
WILLIAMS, Jack Campbell SN 5785
WOOLRIDGE, George Sidney SN 5929
WYATTE, James Stanley Ernest
WYLES, Benjamin SN 4821
YARROW, Jesse SN 7135
YARROW, Joseph Herbert SN 7134
YATES, John Frederick SN 21492
ZORNIG, Harold Victor SN 50740

JONES, James SN 2092
McMURDY, Hugh Sanderson, SN 7296
McMURDY, Joseph SN 1716
BOURKE, John Joseph SN 4750
COLLINGWOOD, Edward Francis SN 21202
LUTON, Anthony Bernard SN 2351

GREET, Alroy Lester SN 57990
LANE Thomas, SN 3842

PONTING,  Arthur William SN 6076
SCHIMMING, William Frederick SN 16806

BAILLS, Edward Ernest SN 4669

CANNON, Thomas Edward SN 3284
CAREW, Robert James SN Lieut 43
CRACE, Everard Gregory SERN 6785
CREEDY, Herbert John SN Q24673
MORT, Henry Chisholm SN Not yet discovered.
RAFTER, Cyril Edward SN 2974
RAFTER, John SN 1944
RAFTER, William Alexis SN 4178
SPOONER, George SN 46
SPOONER, Gibson Palmer SN 7858
TOOHEY, Edward Joseph SN 9093
TOOHEY, William Martin SN 2510
WATT, George [AKA ALLISON, George] SN 1012 58186

DANCE, Alfred Alexander Archibald SN 3493
DANCE, Alfred Fred Charle, SN 395
DANCE, Edwin Evan SN 2683
DANCE, Francis Herbert SN 1631
DANCE, George William Snelling SN 6066
DOOLAN, John Thomas SN 2931
GERBER, Adolph SN 2650
HOLZNAGEL, Gustav SN 2677
KLAUKE, William SN 3163
NEWMAN, William George SN 3865
NEWMAN, Walter SN 449
MEISSNER, Edward SN 20825
McNEILL, James Cecil Joseph SN 767D
RICHARDSON, James Edward SN 5135
SAKRZEWSKI, Felix Rudolph SN 2492
SCHUMANN, Matthias SN 3905
SEALEY, George SN 6161
STAATS, William SN 17246
SMITH, Francis Henry SERN 437
SMITH, Leslie SERN 3839
SMITH, Scott William SERN 212
SMITH, Stuart SERN 6644
WRUCK, Ernst Wilhelm Julius SERN 3246